The Importance of a Good Handshake

For the first time ever, researchers have studied the importance of a good handshake.

A huge study at the University of Iowa found that those people who start job interviews with a firm, strong handshake are always perceived in a more favorable light than those who shake hands like a limp fish.

Good handshakers are seen as being more extroverted and, eventually, more hirable. And women with strong handshakes have an advantage over men because their grips are more memorable.

I think that the only thing better than a good handshake is no handshake at all. I’ve long said that handshakes are a bad idea because of all the germs people spread when they shake hands.

People always come up to me wanting to shake hands and I never know where that hand has been. I say let’s copy the wonderful Japanese custom of bowing. It’s respectful and it’s sanitary. What more could you want in a greeting?


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