Internet Marketing Has Transformed Business

Fifteen years ago I was working for an award winning commercial print company, which turned out some of the most gorgeous print collateral you've ever seen. Our sales portfolios could have easily been mistaken for the portfolio of a gifted artist. Today that same artistically beautiful collateral is rarely viewed by a client and salesperson who are in the same room, oftentimes the client and salesperson are not even in the same country! However, through the magic of the Internet, client and salesperson can communicate, correct, launch, and market their product and services in new, non-traditional ways.

If you are an Internet marketer/online entrepreneur/home-based business owner, one of the biggest challenges is to be found online by the consumer searching for what you have to offer.

For purposes of simplicity, let's call the old way of marketing outgoing marketing, and the new Internet based marketing incoming marketing. We won't spend much time with outgoing marketing because telemarketing, tradeshows, radio, TV and print ads are quickly being replaced with the less disruptive incoming/Internet marketing which is frequently initiated by the consumer.

So, how DO you get your products or services to be found online?

Search Engines are key to being found by your target consumer. Contrary to what you may believe, organic term recognition can rank you higher than PPC on Google and other search engines. Finding and using relevant keywords, using those keywords in titles, headings, text, meta-tags, inbound links from other sites, and superb content is of utmost importance.

Blogging is probably my personal favorite because it is so easily done when you have the right mindset and utilize the excellent tools available to create and maintain your blogsite. Regularly posting articles, information from your RSS feeds, other blogs and sites is very easily done using friendly software such as posterous or scribefire. One of the first things my blogging "guru" taught me was to be a curator or conveyor of information rather than struggling to create original content. If you choose to be a curator/conveyor, do not plagarize, always make the proper attribution! When you do feel the creative juices flowing and want to write something original, be sure to use your keywords to kick those search engines into high gear.

Social media allows you to connect and network with lots of different people living anywhere. Your connection to others can be casual or socially based, but to anyone other than your close friends messaging, tweeting or connecting/networking with content empty of value won't increase your business' ranking or standing in the world of Internet marketing.

Use the marketing resources available online to analyze, develop your strategy, and optimize your online business efforts. I have always been able to find a free resource for whatever I needed.

Visit my blog, for a number of posts on this and similar topics.

To your success!

Donna Denil, Online Entrepreneur


After years of traditional marketing I wanted to leverage the power of the internet for my home-based business. It's been a blast learning and growing my business in new and exciting ways. To learn more about the business system I use go here.

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