CEO of Empowerism Janet Wilson Interview

Before you immerse yourself in this interview with Empowerism owner Janet Wilson, I want to comment on something that I have learned within the confines of online business.

I have done extensive study on Internet Marketing, the marketers themselves, and the businesses or products that they set loose in the IM world.

I have come to realize one thing. People like Janet Wilson and Stone Evans excel and thrive because of one mutual commonality. They have the spirit of truly helping other people succeed. That is not only in the words they convey, but they show random and purposeful acts of this on a regular basis.

Many people do not believe that this trait exists in online business because of the fierce and competitive nature of it. But as you read Janet's words below, you will see as I have seen that people like Janet achieve 10 year anniversaries and continued successes because they build by the process of lifting others up as well.

Do you want to make it in Internet Marketing? Read into Janet's words - see and feel her attitude and demeanor. Focus on her outlook and the passion that she has for what she does. Only then can you see what successful entrepreneurs have - the drive and desire - to be told you will only gain 1 moment or glimpse of success and they take a lifetime of work to try to obtain it.

Janet, please tell us about yourself.

"Oh, that's such a broad question - you DO want your audience to stay awake for this, right?! Let's see...the basics are: born June 27, 1962; live in Acworth, Georgia, a northwest suburb of Atlanta; blessed with a wonderful family and circle of friends; and have a borderline-obsessive appreciation for high-end electronics and chocolate.

Beyond the basics, my greatest extra-curricular passion is travel, especially western Europe, and particularly Italy; in fact I’m currently learning Italian with the goal of becoming fluent this year. I'm a lover of life, a total believer in the Law of Attraction (because it works), and I will never stop helping people achieve their goals."

Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary! What have you taken away most from the journey so far?

"Thank you - and what an incredible ten years it has been! I hope EVERYONE read the announcement about the year-long cash and prize giveaways! So far, I have given away just over $3000, with thousands more to come in the next ten months. Johan, our EmpowerBoard specialist, is holding contests on the message board, giving away great prizes like WebWire press releases, Empowerism ATM cards loaded with cash, and Empowerism Web Hosting accounts. Anyone can win – all you have to do is participate.

The last ten years have been both humbling and exciting. When I started the company in 1998, I really had no idea what the future would hold and I didn’t have experience in running an Internet business – I just knew I could make something big happen by focusing on my goal of helping other entrepreneurs. The key was surrounding myself with people who had more experience than I, and then learning from them.

Without a doubt, the biggest lesson I have learned from this journey is to never, ever give up on a dream. Looking back, it’s hard to believe I made it through such staggering financial hardships during the first five years. Even my family, who were my biggest supporters, hinted that it was time to pursue something else.

But nothing could convince me to give up on my dream OR break my commitment to the people who count on Empowerism for a check each month and the opportunity to continue building a business. The last ten years taught me much about commitment, integrity, and inner strength."

If you could tell a total stranger only one thing about Empowerism, what would that be?

"Empowerism, also publisher of Excellence Magazine, is the ideal stepping stone, composed of the tools, training, and motivation, that every person can and should use on the path to fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams and goals."

How did you come to meet Stone Evans and why do Plug-In Profit Site and Empowerism compliment each other so well?

"I have had the privilege of working with Stone since December, 2004. He is an inspiration to tens of thousands of people and I'm one of his most avid admirers. He chose to incorporate Empowerism into the PIPS system without any input (or arm-twisting!) from me, and what a blessing it has been for everyone involved!

I think PIPS and Empowerism compliment each other so well because they were both founded in the same spirit - that of helping anyone with an entrepreneurial interest find a way to cut through all the b.s. and focus on what's important: training, tools, and a tried-and-true system. I also believe Stone and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to integrity, professionalism, and impeccable work ethic. It’s the Law of Attraction in perfect form!"

Empowerism constantly adds new features. Can you tell us some of your favorites and what else can we expect in the near future?

"Oh, each new feature becomes my new favorite! But I must say that our new Web Hosting accounts are a really great deal. I mean, where can you find high-quality, ad-free hosting for just a $21 setup AND earn commissions on it? I'm also a fan of our twenty-four SEO tools, and of course am always open to ideas for new additions. What I enjoy is finding tools and services that my subscribers can use but don't want to pay extra for, then replicating and adding them to our list of “Everything You Get for Under $20”!

The near future? Our new website will launch by the end of April – finally! Also this month, I will post our latest brandable ebook called "Harnessing the Power of Article Marketing." I chose the topic of article writing and marketing because that is the #1 suggested topic on the PIPS forum. (Yes, we do read your suggestions and will do what it takes to bring them to fruition!)

My next project is the #2 suggestion on the PIPS forum: training on website-building, HTML, etc. My goal is to offer a new and improved set of video courses that all Empowerism members can use to enhance or build their own websites. For many years we’ve had what was once a cutting-edge HTML video course in the Training Center, but I want something more engaging and current.

And, finally, I will be reintroducing a topic that I have been very passionate about for a long time: health. Over the years I have written many articles about finding balance and making health a priority – emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. I started a series in the January, 2008 Excellence Magazine focusing on the components of holistic health, exploring the benefits of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

This is a campaign I plan to continue, and so far it has been well-received. I believe there is nothing more critical to experiencing the joys and meeting the challenges of life than having a solid, healthy foundation."

In your opinion, why do 95-97% of people fail in Internet Marketing?

"Doug, there is only one reason: They quit.

So then the question becomes: Why do they quit? My personal observation is that these 97% display a low tolerance for the kind of obstacles successful entrepreneurs often work through to reach their goals. Sadly, most people are sucked in by the ridiculous "get rich quick & easy" hype – also known as the lottery mentality, but those of us who have made our dreams come true know that is simply a fantasy. Even when we launched our RSVP and MVP programs, I made it clear that their success depended upon their commitment to continue growing their Empowerism business.

Building an Internet business often requires one to traverse rocky, frustrating, lonely roads, and you won’t see any hyped-up ads or websites exposing that fact. But, the payout - the experience of succeeding at something you wanted so badly you couldn't sleep at night from thinking about it - is absolutely, positively worth every cut and scrape along the way. Success is primarily a matter of “what is your reason WHY and what are you willing to do for it?”

When someone complains that Empowerism (or any other worthwhile business) “doesn’t work” my response is always, “Empowerism is only the vehicle and it works for anyone who takes driving it seriously. The vehicle cannot control how you drive it, or even IF you drive it. But when you decide to put yourself firmly in the driver’s seat, take the wheel, and drive until you reach your destination, Empowerism is a reliable, sound vehicle. If Empowerism “doesn’t work” then we’ll have to come up with another explanation for the $100,000+ in commissions we send out each month!"

What do you see in the future of Empowerism and Internet Marketing in general?

"The future I hope for Internet Marketing is that people will realize that:

there are no shortcuts – you may as well accept that truth right now, niche specialization is where to put your efforts – find one or two areas of expertise that you are (or can become) passionate about and build your Internet Marketing career around that, and social networking is not for everyone, in fact it’s often just an excuse to, well, socialize rather than do the hard work necessary to succeed.

Don’t get me wrong – social networking is huge and those who are serious about it are cashing in, but like any other form of putting yourself out there and cultivating the reputation of a trusted expert, to see grand results you must immerse yourself in it, and many people aren’t willing to take on that kind of workload. (And I strongly encourage everyone to read the comprehensive, four-part Social Networking course in the Jan-Apr 2008 Excellence magazines.)

As for the future of Empowerism, what I know for sure is that it will always change and grow to accommodate the times, the trends, and the needs of our subscribers. There is no real secret to longevity – you just have to be able to adapt to change and commit, unflinchingly, to success." Doug also owns,, and HomeBizHandyman Services - Visit Doug's website


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