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Do not delete that junk mail and spam just yet. I am going to give you a few reasons why junk mail can be helpful to your home business. You do not feel like going through all of them? Look here. This could make or break a contact or a sale. So, I hopefully have your attention now.

A few reasons why spam or junk mail can be so helpful:

1) A free uninhibited view of what your competitors are up to. You can easily see what type of emails they are writing and what type of email titles they are using to grab a persons attention. If you open one up out of curiosity, then they are doing it correctly. Use this to create your own insightful and sticky email campaigns.

2) The value of catching a newbie. Usually you can tell by the layout of their email that they have not been at this for long. They tend to look a bit

unorganized and sloppy. You can send them a reply or a new message because some will leave their actual email address and not POP email or cloaked addresses. You can gain new partners or sell them on some of your products that will develop their niche.

3) By being courteous enough to visit their site, you can use this as a platform to share your own. I view many sites and offer the site owners things that will help promote and enhance their business without the threat of making mine look better than theirs. You do not put the other marketer on the defensive and this can be crucial in making new contacts or business associates.

4) Lastly, there are very valuable tools, tips, and goodies that are given away for free by those wanting others to view their site(s). I have incorporated many free tips and tools into my ventures without ever having to interact with the person giving them away! I have found so many enhancements by just reading my junk mail. Do not underestimate this annoying, yet powerful resource.

Junk mail can be good!

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