Does a Lack of Self-Confidence Affect a Franchisee’s Success?

When you think about self-confidence, do you ever think that it might affect how you do your job? The answer is that it certainly does, and when you own a franchise, your self-confidence becomes all the more important. As I've said many times before, when you own a franchise, everything your business earns is coming from the hard work that YOU put in. If you have no confidence in your ability to be a good franchisee, you will personally see the money trickle in at a slower rate with no one else to blame. Often times, a franchisee is new to not only the franchise industry, but the industry that specific franchise is in as well. These franchisees may be savvy business people looking for a change of pace and enter a world where they have no experience. Corporate America may prepare you for certain business aspects you will encounter in your franchise endeavors, but you will never be fully aware of how a franchise works until you have one of your own- but this doesn't mean you need to doubt yourself all the way.

The key to think about when you are worried about your self-confidence is determining where the lack of confidence is stemming from. Is it something you have always dealt with, or is it because of your new surroundings? If a lack of self-confidence is something you have always dealt with, you will have to work on it because that can truly affect how your business is run. It will affect how you make decisions and will make you second guess yourself until you can no longer make decisions in a timely matter and your new franchise's bottom line will be adversely affected.

If you are just nervous because of your new surroundings, you are in luck, because hopefully you have read my other articles and have chosen a franchise with a great network to help you grow. This network should include people on the corporate side, as well as other experienced franchisees to answer questions that can help you throughout the process.

Consider this quote from Elbert Hubbard: "The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one."

Don't be afraid to go with your gut and make a tough call that has the chance to impact your business. With all the experience you have under your belt, you should be educated enough to make the right decision, so don't worry about branching out in a new direction. Self-confidence affects success - make sure you have it.


Doug Schadle is the CEO and founder of Rhino 7 Franchise Development Corporation, the largest and one of the most successful franchise development companies in the U.S. He has developed and grown some of our nation's most successful brands including Great Clips, Senior Helpers and now Doctors Express. Schadle is a pro at recognizing a great idea, developing it into a solid business model and then turning it into a monster franchise. Schadle started with hotels and moved on to develop the wildly ...

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