Rolling Over Your 401k without Penalty

There is a lifeline for the hundreds of thousands of unemployed folks in the country who are lost and don't know what to do with their shattered careers and lives. Did you know you can tap into your own 401K without penalty and invest in yourself? You can borrow from your own nest egg, without paying taxes , invest in your own company and put your money with the person you trust the most - you! Most folks believe you have to be wealthy to open a business, but really it's just the opposite. I've helped regular, hard working people all over the state of North Carolina and throughout the country open businesses using their own 401K money. As CEO of a franchise development company out of Apex, NC I have helped folks put their retirement money to good use by opening up a franchise business - a tried and true business model, eliminating the major risk of starting a company from scratch. In this current economic situation, you need to find a business that will continue to prosper through the recession.

As part of President Obama's new stimulus package, the government is making it easier than ever before to get a small business loan which makes the option to start your own business that much more available.

Like I said, many people veer away from starting their own business and buying a franchise because they do not think it can be cost-feasible, but that is where the idea of rolling over your 401k as your investment, without penalty, comes in to play. Remember, there really has never been a better time to start your own franchise with the money that is being given out to small businesses through the new economic stimulus package, and if you buy into a recession-resistant franchise, you can smile to yourself while other people continue to fall into the economic pit.

I hope you look into this idea of rolling over your 401k or contact me for a more detailed view. On top of that, go to Youtube and search "Did you know you can roll your 401k into a Franchise without penalty?" and check out where I go into full detail about the opportunity.


Doug Schadle is the CEO and founder of Rhino 7 Franchise Development Corporation, the largest and one of the most successful franchise development companies in the U.S. He has developed and grown some of our nation's most successful brands including Great Clips, Senior Helpers and now Doctors Express. Schadle is a pro at recognizing a great idea, developing it into a solid business model and then turning it into a monster franchise. Schadle started with hotels and moved on to develop the wildly ...

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