Steering the Organizational Change Process

Steering the organization through the change process can present the leader with many challenges. However, leaders who embrace utilizing a shared vision as a tool will find that leading an organizational change process becomes simplified. Simplifying the process for promoting positive racial teacher-student classroom relationships included using a shared vision which ensured that the selected team remained on course and finished the change process.

The shared vision that the teachers agreed on was ‘Our vision is to consistently create a caring and nurturing classroom environment where students feel safe to learn'.

At our second meeting, we discussed what strategy we should use to develop positive teacher-student classroom relationships. One teacher suggested that we should "make the students tuck their [uniform] shirts in".

Other teachers agreed that it was a good idea to request that students tuck in their shirts. I reminded the group of the shared vision; then I asked, "How does making the students tuck their shirt in correlate to our vision?" The team members realized that it did not, and we decided to use a different strategy.

As a result, the team developed shared vision became the steering mechanism for the entire change process.

Shared visions ensure that teams maintain their focus.

Educational and business leaders can facilitate the shared vision development process as follows:

•Have each team member write their personal vision as it pertains to the focal point of the organizational change.

•Have each team member share their personal vision.

•Ask team members to recommend vision statements that the team can use as a shared vision.

•Finalize the shared vision by getting the team to agree on one of the recommended shared visions.



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