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Thank you for your time. My name is Dr Don Yates Sr PhD, Author Internet Users HandbookA Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding Scams Online While doing Business. I am also the Founder of various The Internet Scams Anonymous (ISA) Groups located throughout the web. One of my more popular blogs is Avoiding Scams Online. See more at

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Let us see if you agree with me. Personally I don’t like buying products of any size on or offline from persons that do not know their product, its features and benefits, it competitors, etc. In fact, where I am really interested in the product or service, I will seek out the manager as soon as the salesperson cannot answer my questions. After, isn’t his or her problem as to how his staff is trained. I remember my last offline business; I personally trained each and every new sales staff member for 30 days, without pay, even before I provided them with business cards. Even our admin staff knew what we did and why.

My Internet Users Handbook, now in is 2nd Edition, is available online through Clickbank. Clickbank affiliates can pick up a link to the handbook and market it at will, without ever reading a word or even knowing what is in its Table of Contents. Frankly, that doesn’t do justice the work that went into the handbook, but, of course I am biased. I think that those that have purchased it and read it in the past have put a value on the book, as the numerous testimonials included.

I want our affiliates to know and understand what they are marketing and how it can help our newbies and seasoned marketers on or offline. Knowing your product makes you a better marketer and salesperson, and gives you a better chance to make more sales.

Online shoppers are smarter today, or should be, they have more tools and resources to help evaluate products and services. They expect product reviews and clears sales copy, and our knowledgeable affiliates should be able to meet the challenge.

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Our present handbook focuses on two primary areas; Avoiding Scams Online and Doing Business Online, it need more work for getting started for newbies to round. Further to this doing business on the internet is far from static, change if a way of life here

I am looking for more motivated and knowledgeable affiliates as well as feedback on our present handbook as we prepare for a revision and update 3nd Edition for 2013.

I am offering you’re a FREE copy of this 500 page 16 chapter handbook, in EXCHANGE FOR YOUR EMAIL AND YOUR REVIEW OF THE PRESENT HANDBOOK

I realize that marketing a handbook does not have the glamour of the, HYIP’s, the matrices, program, the secrets, the free-income programs, the push-buttons, the overnight successes, all of which raise unrealistic expectations for success online. Those that have joined me in the past, are proud to be offering something of value to our fellow internet users, most have started building a realistic online business and have a passion for helping others than just helping themselves.

Get your FREE copy of this 500 page 16 chapter handbook, in EXCHANGE FOR YOUR EMAIL AND YOUR REVIEW OF THE PRESENT HANDBOOK

Internet Users Handbook, 2012, 2nd Edition

A Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding Scams Online while doing Business

We released the 2nd Edition after a 5 month rewrite. We thank our Affiliates and Internet Scams Anonymous Group members for helping make this extraordinary, 1-of-a-kind Internet Users Handbook. It brings the offline business success model to the Internet and treats business as a business. This master reference provides the foundation for a Newbie starting to do business online and/or the seasoned professional that is growing or diversifying their business. This master reference should be included in every user’s library.

If you are serious about doing business online or helping others do business then then this handbook is a must have for you. Join our worthy cause as an affiliate and help us spread the word.

Table of Contents

Over 500 pages, 15 Chapters, chock full of examples, how-to guides and tips for doing business online while avoiding the scams. Anyone successful in business will tell you that in doing business; you need both a personal development plan and a business plan. Failure to plan is indeed a plan to fail.


Testimonials - A Note from Our Friends

1. The Internet Users Handbook and ISA Groups

2. Our Definition of a Scam/Fraud

3. How to do Your Own Due Diligence

4. Internet Crime is Big Business

5. Introduction to Internet Scams and Fraud

6. Various Types and Examples of Internet Scams

7. The$1,000,000 per day PTC/PTR Scam

8. Have You Prepared Yourself to Do Business Online

9. Follow your Passion Types of Online Businesses

10. Affiliate, Pyramid and MLM Programs

11. Managing Your Online Business

12. What is Spam and its Impact?

13. How to Advertise Your Business

14. Forex (FX) Follies - A Gamblers Dream...

15. Success is Yours, If You Plan and Prepare for It


A. Your Personal Assessment

B. List of Emotional Trigger or Power Selling Word

C. List of Common Scam and Spam Words

D. Scam and Spam Complaints and Resources

E. List of Banned, Scam and Watch Sites

F. The $1,000,000 per day PTR/PTC Scam

G. Buy Leads List

Glossary of Common Online Terms

Glossary of Common Forex/Investment Terms

About the Author: Dr Don Yates Sr PhD

Interested, get your FREE copy of this 500 page 16 chapter handbook, in EXCHANGE FOR YOUR EMAIL AND YOUR REVIEW OF THE PRESENT HANDBOOK

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