Managing Your Time and Online Communications 1 of 2

Time is a precious commodity, especially if you are starting or growing your business online. Use it wisely and productively. Time is money, so we told. This article, 1 of 2, offers some chat, social networking and email tips for managing your time while doing business online. Article 2 of 2 discusses saving time by wording your email to avoid the spam blockers giving you a greater chance of getting your message through to your recipients

Chats and Skype

Just like the job offline, some of your associates just to love to mingle and talk, Great for building relationships, but is the relationship productive, will it add to your financial bottom-line.

Chats are also a great diversion and relaxing, but can eat up your time and take your away from your objectives

Skype is one of the best online VOIP solution offering telephone, messaging, video, file transfers and such. Telephone communications are great to for building relationships, directly answering questions and perhaps training with your sponsor or downline.

Social Networking

Even better than email, social networking enables you connect directly and communicate through messages, dashboard and chats. Telephone chats can easily be arranged for even better relationship building.

Connections can be made quickly and are generally of higher quality. Both parties can witness the other behavior online. Chatting is time consuming, so you have to balance the social and business aspects of the chat


Managing your email is a large part of managing your business after you have everything else setup. The mail keeps coming and the longer you are online, the more emails you will get. Two problems arise; mail that you want to receive may wind up in your junk mail folder along with the junk you don’t want


We use whitelisting to help ensure that the email that we want to receive arrives in our inbox. A Whitelist is a list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program will allow messages to be received. E-mail spam blocking programs, also called a spam filters, are intended to prevent most unsolicited e-mail messages (spam) from appearing in subscriber inboxes. But these programs are not perfect. Cleverly crafted spam gets through, and a few desired messages are blocked.

Most Internet users can tolerate the occasional unsolicited e-mail advertisement that a spam filter misses, but are concerned by the thought that an important message might not be received. The whitelist option is a solution to the latter problem. The list can be gradually compiled over a period of time, and can be edited whenever the user wants.

Some spam filters delete suspected junk e-mail messages straightaway, but others allow the user to place them in a quarantined inbox. Periodically, the quarantined messages are observed to see if any of them are legitimate messages. This option is used by some Web-based e-mail clients in place of, or in addition to, a whitelist.

How to Whitelist Your Emails

The Terms and Conditions of most traffic sites state that you must “Whitelist” their email when you join their site.

In other cases, some information or emails that you want to receive may wind up in your junk mail; Whitelisting, or Safelisting is a method of identifying and ensuring that you receive the mail that you want.

All this self-policing for spam is great, but affects us as legitimate users as well as the spammers. More and more sites, especially free Traffic sites with their volumes of advertiser’s email that they out only to have it blocked or sent to junk mail. Many sites now post the following message or otherwise complain about their problems with Yahoo mail getting through to their customers.

  • Please open a account to sign up as more ISP's are bouncing Ads.
  • If you use other than Gmail, then see your email provider for Whitelisting instructions.
GMAIL Accounts

Gmail is free and the most widely accepted and preferred online business email account. Open as many accounts as you need; as a start make your personal or main account and another for your list account. List accounts are where you direct mail from your traffic exchanges and list builders.

Whitelisting your Gmail

From your junk mail folder, click the email and click the “NOT SPAM” tab.

  • To have future emails from the same originator go directly to your INBOX, click the email and go to the “MORE” Tab.
  • This will bring an up a drop-down menu, Select “FILTER MESSAGES LIKE THIS”.
  • A new screen will show your selected email and others from the same source.
  • Click “NEXT STEP” which will bring up the CREATE FILER screen.
  • Select “NEVER SEND IT TO SPAM” You can apply of all message if there are any.
  • Finish by clicking CREATE FILER”
Benefits of Gmail

Again, Gmail is FREE and you can open multiple accounts. Many list builders require that you have at least two accounts, one for admin type mail and one for advertising mail. Go to All of your Gmail accounts can easily be imported into Outlook. Gmail will retain all of your email, BUT see disadvantages

Disadvantages of Gmail

You cannot do sorts, and search results seem to vary from the messages in Gmail from those imported in Outlook. You cannot query junk mail. I prefer the features offered by Microsoft Outlook at this time. However that are some other good ones, try a Google search for your choices.

TIP: Since Gmail will retain all of your email, then anyone that hacks your Gmail account, which happened to me, will have access to all of your user ID’s and passwords; See Also Google Dashboard


  • Print and maintain an offline file of all accounts, add to RoboForm. Search for User Id and Password emails, and delete them from your Gmail history.
  • Change your passwords and Id’s frequently. Use different passwords and IDs on your financial and personal accounts
  • TIP: You can delete from Gmail, but you must also delete from Google Dashboard.
Emails that are caught in the Gmail junk mail folder will not get through to you or Microsoft Outlook, so access your Gmail Junk Mail folder to screen the emails; move the ones you that your and or need to your inbox

Learn from two of my big email mistakes

Where the signup traffic or list builder site did not offer 2 links, I used my primary email for all mail from that site – Dumb!

You really receive very little admin mail except, perhaps, for a promos code, your login, etc. So put all of this site mail into your list account. Once in your primary or admin email account, you have to load the login page and reset your email account to your list account. Slow and Painful, but necessary. Try to keep your Primary account clear of unnecessary ads.

1. Empty your trash Great idea; get a list account so you can keep your primary account free and clear. However, your list account fills up with emails that need to be read or dumped. My mistake, dumpling let’s say all the solo ads.

Doing this puts them in Trash which also must be dumped. Google says it dumps all trash over 30 days old, it my case something went wrong and I wound up with over 600,000 emails.

Google cannot handle such volume so when you try to clear your trash, you receive a variety of (seemingly random) error codes and retrying until finally it locks up your account with a 502 error which temporarily shuts own your list account. As a result of the shutdown, your mail bounces while the account is locked.

Further to this, if you do a search in trash for just one account to try and delete all mail from that account, Google will find the result, but they cannot be deleted. For example, we want to try to delete all ads for “safelister”. You search for safelister in your trash and then select all for delete, once again you receive a variety of (seemingly random) error codes. But instead of locking up your account with a 502 error, the process ends with all “all messages have been moved to trash” – which is where you started.

Google Responds

The Google Team

Important, yes mainly because it was sent directly to you. Our engineers have been working hard to make improvements to Gmail, including the issue you described. Please only respond to this message if you are continuing to experience further difficulties.

Thanks, but of course I still have an issue, I have to delete 500,000 emails 50 at a time, and that doesn't count my inbox where I will deleting another 500,000

2. Create a minimum of two Gmail accounts Keep your primary account clear of advertisement by directing all such to your list account. You will continue to receive spam.

Move the Trash Folder up under Spam and regularly dump your trash for both accounts

What Is A Blackhole List?

A Blackhole list, sometimes simply referred to as a blacklist, is the publication of a group of ISP addresses known to be sources of spam, a type of e-mail more formally known as unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE).

The goal of a blackhole list is to provide a list of IP addresses that a network can use to filter out undesirable traffic. After filtering, traffic coming or going to an IP address on the list simply disappears, as if it were swallowed by an astronomical black hole. The Mail Abuse Prevention System Real-time Blackhole List, which has over 3000 entries, is one of the most popular blackhole lists.

In the next article Managing Your Time and Online Communications 2 of 2, we will discuss saving time by wording your emails to avoid the spam blockers giving you a greater chance of getting your message through to your recipients. What words to avoid, the use Boxbe and related matters

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