The Role of Self-Confidence in Success

If you watch successful people you will usually find that they are very self-confidant. Self-confidence may have come to these people on account of their success, but usually self-confidence is present in people before they become successful. Once they start working toward success, usually self-confidence and success run parallel, each fueling the other.

Being a confident person has many benefits not just in your personal life, but also in business. Whatever may be your ambitions, building up your self confidence to a certain level will play a major role in you achieving success and facing crises that come your way as you traverse the path to success.

The best way to gain confidence is to allow your positive attitude to come forth. If you are swamped with negative thoughts, you will be hampering your chances of succeeding in business. When you think positively, it will give an impetus to your progress and you will be able to overcome difficult periods when success seems a distant dream.

While success and self-confidence have a symbiotic relationship, there is no guarantee that one will lead the other. Self-confidence is a misplaced commodity in egocentric people. These people display high levels of self-confidence along with arrogance. They feel they are masters and know everything there is know about their trade. This often is mistaken for self-confidence and can hamper success.

The reverse is also true when people who are not naturally self-confidant achieve success. Such people do not bask in their achievement and shy away from acknowledging their success.

Though success and self-confidence exist in progressive harmony, if you work towards improving your confidence, your growing confidence will support you on each step as you work towards success. And as you get successful, your self-confidence will increase. It is important to develop a harmonious relationship between your confidence levels and the route you are taking to success.

If there is no synchronization (over confidence or lack of confidence), it may lead to a fall just as you taste success.


Dr. Capista travels throughout the United States sharing his messages with audiences who are eager to learn proven success principles. Dr. Capista resides in Broomall with his wife of over 34 years, Anne. He is an avid runner and world traveler. Whether consulting with a patient, speaking on the platform, consulting with a business client or participating in one of his favorite pastimes, Joe Capista is recognized for his intense passion, love of life and ability to influence others in an incr...

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