Use Your Past, Future and Present to Succeed

Did you know that your past, present and future have a direct effect on the success of your business? Knowing how to use them correctly can put you on the path to success.

The Past:

When running a business, at some time or the other you may have made a mistake in the past which is still playing on your mind. You might be still torturing yourself with the thought that only if you could have done it differently, your business would be in a much better state now.

Remember, if you cling on to mistakes from the past and keep thinking about them, you are depriving yourself and this will adversely affect your capacity to act in the present. You will not be able to think clearly and will lose focus if the memories and regrets keep resurging.

No matter what you did, you should try to forget about the mistakes you made. There is nothing you can do today to change what you did in the past. Why worry about something that you have no control over? Instead use the experience to learn from it. Focus on the lessons learned, as these will be important to reaching your goals in the future. Use your past experiences in your present endeavors to motivate you. This is true for both positive and negative experiences from the past.

The Future:

The future influences your success too. Your passion to attain goals in the future will become a motivation to prod you to take the necessary steps in the present. You will be charting your life today so that in future you can view the end result as success.

Your goals for the future have to comprehensive and realistic. You will not be able to achieve success without having definite goals. Yes, you will meet obstacles on your way but your experiences from the past and your mentor’s help will enable you to do anything in pursuit of the end result.

The Present:

Your present is the moment to act. This is the time to take action. Use your past to guide you to avoid any mistakes in the future. Use your present to build your future so that you can see your desired results.


Dr. Capista travels throughout the United States sharing his messages with audiences who are eager to learn proven success principles. Dr. Capista resides in Broomall with his wife of over 34 years, Anne. He is an avid runner and world traveler. Whether consulting with a patient, speaking on the platform, consulting with a business client or participating in one of his favorite pastimes, Joe Capista is recognized for his intense passion, love of life and ability to influence others in an incr...

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