What Success Means to People

Many people get frustrated because they feel they are not achieving success. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most common reasons is that people measure success by what others have. Instead, measuring success is about looking at your own skills and opportunities. It is about what success means to you in your own mind rather than someone else’s.

Basically success is in your head. You develop your own thinking about what it means to be successful. The frustration sets in when you look at what someone else has, try to get it, but find it elusive. Success has different meanings for different people. One person might think that earning $100,000 a year is success while another might think $250,000 is success. Still, there might be a person who measures his success not by money, but by the good deeds he or she does.

Ultimately being successful is doing your best in what you want to do. It has nothing to do with being the best. You have to set and devise your own path to success and it is imperative that you ensure you stay on the path. Do not measure your success against someone else’s. It will just lead to frustration.

Success cannot be measured per se. It is intangible. Success is achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Success is about making yourself and your life better than what it was previously. Money or material things are not necessarily measures of success. How you feel after achieving your goals should be the sole measure of your success.


Dr. Capista travels throughout the United States sharing his messages with audiences who are eager to learn proven success principles. Dr. Capista resides in Broomall with his wife of over 34 years, Anne. He is an avid runner and world traveler. Whether consulting with a patient, speaking on the platform, consulting with a business client or participating in one of his favorite pastimes, Joe Capista is recognized for his intense passion, love of life and ability to influence others in an incr...

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