How to ask the right questions in double your sales

Most business owners go through some type of financial pressure. After working with several thousand clients, I’ve found out that most can’t handle money stresses during payroll time, paying their vendors and covering overhead costs when they are due.

How does your company deal with financial pressure? It can be a challenge and you have to use creative ways to deal with it.

Here are some questions and quick tips, along with personal development techniques that can help:

• How is your mindset? Be careful about what you focus on. If you mostly think about your bills, you will create more bills in your life. For example, I worked with a small business where the members focused on just paying the bills, not finding ways to make more revenue. When I showed them how to change their focus on ways to increase their business, the morale around the workplace changed and their sales increased.

• What questions are you asking yourself? The questions you ask yourself will determine the success or failure of your business. For example, I worked with a group in a company where they were asked to only change the questions they asked themselves, from “why” to “how and what” questions. How can we increase your sales and what can you do to add ten times the value to your customers? Remember to ask better questions and you will get better results with your business.

• What is your belief system? A belief is a feeling of certainty. Having certainty can increase sales, like when I’ve helped to coach others to increase their sales by over 120%, just by changing their belief systems.

In conclusion, you can handle financial pressure by changing your mindset. It starts by asking yourself better questions, then changing your belief systems that can have a direct effect of increasing your profits.

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