How to motivate your employees

Motivating employees, to get the job done, is a big problem for most companies. What is your game plan to motive your employees? The biggest challenge I see is everyone has a different communication style.

As an employer you need to understand your employees enough to create results for your company and to help your employees develop in his or her field.

When I work with companies I use a lot of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools in learning, how people function as a human. We all have three ways to represent our world, visual (see) auditory (hear) kinesthetic (feel).

Now I am going to break down all three components to see how you can apply this on your employees.

Visual People: They normally see the end result of situation. They say words like see, look, picture, imagine. If I am going to motivate a visual person I will show them the end result with pictures, photo’s, something in color. Most visual people talk very fast and their style is straight to the point. I would not talk slow to a visual person; my outcome is to gain rapport with them and find ways to motivate him or her. How to motivate a visual person: use pictures, diagram, movies, etc.

Auditory People: They normally speak at a normal speed, and are meticulous in their word selection. They use words like hear, click, sounds, etc. If you speak with your employees and they speak this language you will determine they are in an auditory mode. How to motivate them I will speak their language, I would use words like hear, sound, and click in my communication with them. How to motivate these people: create a list, summarize, quote, and read.

Kinesthetic People: Some of these individuals are more into their feelings. Sometimes when speaking to them they take things so personal that is hard to commutate with them at times. People who are in their feelings usually use words like feel, sense, understand, words dealing in their feelings. To motive them I will use their same words with a sense of feelings behind it. For example If I had an employee that was kinesthetic I would use words like feel, does this make sense, do you understand. How to motivate them: use hands-on, do it demonstrations, and test drive.

The goal is to be more of a VAK I believe in any situation we can change our communication style to fit anyone. Now it times to put this through a test. Talk to your employees find out how they represent things and have some fun

So, what is next step?

. If you need more information on these techniques I am Master NLP Trainer in NLP.. I believe, it would be easy for me to help you to motivate employees to produce outstanding results. If you would like to go further faster and learn how to motivate your employees take action now.

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