A Young Leader's Guide

Seek meaning in what you do for a living.

Live by your values, that’s tremendous giving.

Knowing, growing, nurturing your talent means joyful walking.

It takes 10.000 hours before you get really good at something.

Success builds on daily routine.

Applause is a short-term caffeine.

Never compare your inner life

to outer symbols of someone else’s strife.

Formulate your very own expectations,

others will send you in wrong directions.

If something planned goes bloody wrong,

a blessing sings you a redirecting song.

Asking is the beginning of receiving,

don’t go to the ocean just for breathing.

Inspiration doesn’t descend like a lightning bolt,

it comes through a grounded body’s throat.

Where thoughts go, your energy goes as well,

let a quiet mind your career propel.

See your life and work with awe and wonder,

GOD shall always guide you, don’t ponder.

Author:. Martina Violetta Jung

Is a German born leadership beyond intellect expert, business storyteller, poet, artist and non-executive board member / trustee shareholder.

She holds a doctor degree in law awarded by Münster University in Germany for a thesis on Chinese foreign economic law. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, her career steps included M&A Lawyer; Director Marketing Europe with Hapag-Lloyd Container Line;... Go Deeper | Website

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