Let your feelings lead you and others

Neuroscientists, bioenergetcis specialist and various experts on human consciousness have come to the conclusion that we are predominantly ‘human feelings’ who also have the ability to think. Most people I observe don’t live that way. What about you?

Do you allow our thinking to control you, because it seems to make life easier or more predictable? Is your primary focus to accumulate material abundance or whatever status you can imagine? Should you follow one of these paths, I guarantee that you will feel empty deep inside at some point in time. Such people look alive, but in fact they are already half dead inside.

If you want to stay connected to your heart, enjoying love, an inspiring life and lots of successes shared with others that fill you with joy, allow yourself to be a ‘human feeling’! Here is how it works in practice:

  • Laugh and find humour each and very day!
  • Have a dream that comes from the bottom of your heart, that energises you and follow it whatever it takes! Stay true to yourself no matter what other people or society tells you. The inner voice in your heart is the best guide!
  • Keep growing and nurturing you talents. Imagine emptying the teacup full of your convictions in front of you regularly to make room for new insights, experiences, people and challenges!
  • Accept that life is a mystery that wants to be lived and that cannot be planned. “Life”, as John Lennon once put it, “is what happens to you whilst you are busy to make other plans.” Whatever touches your heart and tells you to redirect, be courageous and jump!
  • Finally, have no regrets. The older you get the more you realise that you will only regret what you did not dare to do!
Wishing you love, passion, energy and inspiration!

Yours, Martina Violetta

Author:. Martina Violetta Jung

Is a German born leadership beyond intellect expert, business storyteller, poet, artist and non-executive board member / trustee shareholder.

She holds a doctor degree in law awarded by Münster University in Germany for a thesis on Chinese foreign economic law. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, her career steps included M&A Lawyer; Director Marketing Europe with Hapag-Lloyd Container Line;... Go Deeper | Website

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