The Power of Thought Control

Every thought we have manifests itself. It converts into power and organises a huge instrumentality of means. The ability to think consecutively, deeply and clearly is a proven and deadly enemy to mistakes and blunders, superstitions, irrational beliefs and disaster. It is a question of whether you are prepared to train your brain to think differently. I am regularly asked what mental strength is, what it can contribute to leadership and how to learn it.

There are two modes of mental activity: our conscious and our subconscious mind. Conscious mind is reasoning will. The Subconscious mind is instinctive desire, the result of past reasoning. The conscious mind is the gatekeeper to the subconscious mind and determines what enters into it. About 90 percent of our mental life is subconscious. If you also know that on average we have 60.000 thoughts per day, you realise that you are far away from controlling your life and leadership, if you do not know how conscious and subconscious mind work and how you can influence them.

First of all you have to become the master of our conscious mind, your reasoning will. Ask any electrician what the effect of electricity will be and he will reply that “Electricity is a form of motion and its effect will depend upon the mechanism to which it is attached.” The mechanism will determine whether we have heat, light, power, music, etc. “Thought is mind in motion” and its effect will also entirely depend on the mechanism to which it is attached.

Every thought sets the brain cells in action. If your thoughts are scattered and erratic, so is your life, your experience and so are your results, which will then all be stored in your subconscious mind accordingly. If you are not as successful a leader as you wish to be, you probably try harder. But that will not bring the results you desire, as long as your thoughts are not under control. An average leader can stay focused for 6 to 10 seconds only; then his mind jumps onto another thought. The cultivation of attention to what you truly want to achieve is the distinguishing characteristic of every long term successful leader and individual. To cultivate your attention means using a magnifying glass for your thoughts, as if you would use it for the sun to set fire to something. So, focus your attention, your thoughts, on a single purpose consecutively, deeply and clearly over and over again and I guarantee results will materialize.

To bring your mind to that level, I highly recommend to practice meditation daily and get absolutely clear on what you really want!

Author:. Martina Violetta Jung

Is a German born leadership beyond intellect expert, business storyteller, poet, artist and non-executive board member / trustee shareholder.

She holds a doctor degree in law awarded by Münster University in Germany for a thesis on Chinese foreign economic law. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, her career steps included M&A Lawyer; Director Marketing Europe with Hapag-Lloyd Container Line;... Go Deeper | Website

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