Winning Organizations

Winning organizations continuously build leaders at every level in their organization. Leaders who actively attempt to mentor and build other leaders gain respect throughout the organization and transfer knowledge, ideas, values and attitude about success. Effective Leaders demonstrate these attributes:

• A sense of urgency

• Project and articulate the vision

• Create stretch goals

• Develop trust and a spirit of teamwork

• Develop realistic expectations for success

• Promote an environment of success, trust and belief

• Honesty-to tell the truth-to do the right thing-no hidden agendas

• Integrity and respect-responsive-recognizing employee value-empowerment

• Passion - commitment

• Motivate and inspire

Effective leaders must have an edge. They must be courageous enough to take risk and have an unrelenting readiness to act. Popularity is not a requirement, but the ability to generate respect from the employees is, without a doubt, one of the most critical attributes. They must be relentless in their efforts, unconcerned about personal sacrifice of their time, and willing to go beyond normal expectations. Tough decisions are commonplace; uncharted territories will be the norm. Honesty and impeccable character are musts.

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