SME's - a wish list for Africa

Africa remains complex and I would like to see that change.

I would like to see the racism diasppear. Many whites are here by choice, so welcome them and the skills they bring. Learn from them and stop wasting time resenting them. Similarly blacks are here to stay so let us find a way forward. We can be friends if we make the effort.

Let democracy rule SUPREME.

Let us rid ourselves of tribal rule and tribal land, and give land ownership to every citizen, so that they have equity in something, thereby stimulating every economy. Find another use for these mini monarchs like Japan and Europe did.

Let us de-regulate every economy, thereby stimulating the economies. Let us stop perpetuating the colonial approach to government, which simply said "let us make rules for everything as the natives do not have the capacity to behave themselves". It also endorses the socialist approach which has clearly failed the world over, except for those who run the socialist organisations. Our people can be taught how to live in a democracy if we apply proper government.

Let us only need aid to teach our people entrepreneurship, and not to fund the lifestyles of our our bloated politicians, South Africa included.

Rob Smorfitt


Have an MBA and a PhD in entrepreneurship. Three key areas of ongoing research are entrepreneurship and innovation in large business strategy, the impact of legislation on SME development and SME finance. Run my own SME blog at as well as an entrepreneurship and innovation for large businesses blog at I have been self-employed since 1982. I have started or purchased in ex...

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