Follow Your Feelings

Follow your feelings; this is an attitude that has been the downfall of many people. Similar statements have passed through history but are set aside with the realization that social regulation is needed. Following your feelings can be dangerous and detrimental to everyone is the rights of others aren’t considered.

Most of us follow our feelings in areas of our lives that don’t have a definite course. We plan to achieve a certain goal and base the direction we go about it on how we feel emotionally. We only see the end result and don’t consider the steps and challenges along the way, which will cause problems as we meet them. Often we fail to have a plan and just charge headlong toward what we think is correct, meeting with opposition at every turn. If we aren’t careful our feelings can get us into major trouble with no way of escape.

All of our decisions should be weighed with the consideration of how it affects us emotionally. When we make a decision without considering how we feel about it we will often position ourselves in a place that isn’t spiritually right to us. Being where we aren’t aligned with our convictions is where many people find themselves. Placing our priorities on wealth and fame will cause us to sacrifice who we are for what we think we want.

Don’t allow how you physically feel determine what you attempt to accomplish. This is another “feeling” we often follow which can cause us problems. Just because we don’t feel like doing something, doesn’t detract from its importance. Responsibilities to others and ourselves don’t wait because we aren’t in the mood. Moods change but things are accomplished through continuous action.

Always be aware how acting on our feelings will affect others. No matter how we wish things to be, other people have needs also. Selfishness will breed in we aren’t conscience of our contacts and surroundings. Don’t follow your feelings follow your heart, it will never steer you wrong.


I am a Christian and desire salvation through the blood of Jesus for everyone. I am an entrepreneur and want to help others improve their situations in this life and the next. Being part of an education company gives me opportunity to instruct and mentor people in that arena of life.

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