What is your belief based on?

How many times have you given up on a goal because you believed it was impossible? How many times after overcoming that belief has your goal been achieved? What made the difference in the two situations?

For many of us our belief is based on what we see. It is easy to believe things we can contact with our senses. If I can have a physical connection with something there is no question that it is real. Usually the difficult thing is to believe something exists or is possible if we can’t contact it. Our belief in the unseen is a property of faith and is a matter of the mind and heart. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. That substance is the part we hold to knowing it will occur or be achieved. We hold to these because things like them have happened before and will again.

Is our faith any different than those of the past? The account of “doubting Thomas” in the Bible comes to mind. Even though all the other disciples had seen Jesus after His resurrection Thomas would not believe. He required physical contact but when he saw Jesus he did believe. That’s when Jesus said that blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. This instance is no different than that of any inventor, visionary, or entrepreneur that has ever lived. Each one had the faith to believe something was possible and achievable though it had never been done before. With faith and no physical proof to base their actions on they continued to accomplish their goal

In order to reach the position we desire we must also change how we believe. We all must exercise the faith required to continue striving for our goal. Everyone has had impossible things happen in their lives without any explanation as to how or why. If those things can happen once why do we think they won’t happen again?

They only thing keeping us from believing in the unseen future is our failure to remember our past and trusting the truth we already know. Our faith will be strengthened if we will place the emphasis on the “impossible” things we have seen in our lives instead of doubting things will happen.


I am a Christian and desire salvation through the blood of Jesus for everyone. I am an entrepreneur and want to help others improve their situations in this life and the next. Being part of an education company gives me opportunity to instruct and mentor people in that arena of life.

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