3 Steps of Viral Marketing Techniques

Step 1: Write a free report

Write a free report and convert it into a PDF file. Your report should be interesting and informative. It must give information about your products, services and have a link to your website.

It should be written in such a way people would be excited to buy your products once they land on your website. People love a well written report with good content.

Step 2: Writing A Teaser

You might have heard about the leak chapter in the Butterfly marketing reportby Mike Filsaime. This is what we called a professional teaser. It gets the readers going and if they want more they could go the website and download the product.

You might want to indicate terms like "Free to Circulate" so people who download the teaser or free report would not fear the legal implications by forwarding your stuff to their friends.

Step 3. Write An Ebook To Give Away

Whenever people visit your website or join your newsletter, give them a free ebook. This is in the form of a short informative report relating to your products or services.

To monetalize from the Ebook, Internet Markerers sometimes embed their affiliate links using cloakers from the free PDF ebook. This has proven to be one of the best form of affiliate marketing with no selling or persuasion needed.


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