Question: What is the one thing Superstar Athletes have in common?

Answer: A COACH !

Actually, they have a number of coaches, as well as advisors, to handle the different aspects of their personal and professional lives. Can you image Derek Jeter doing his taxes, negotiating his contract, or acting as his own financial expert? I'm not saying Jeter's not informed, what I am saying is that he hires experts, so he can focus on and practice what he does best: play baseball.

Besides hiring experts to handle the personal side of his life, to make sure he's at the top of his game, Jeter has access to the best coaches available. These coaches are the athletes' secret weapons, working behind the scenes to make sure the athletes are playing at peak performance. If you want to play in the "big leagues" and build a superstar business, do what professional athletes do: get coached.

Professional athlete or small business owner, here's what a coach can do for you:

1. Keeps you focused. Doing everything gets you nothing. You went into business to use your "superstar" abilities and talents, not to do everything from invoicing clients to writing your own ads. Your goal is to become a recognized expert-the "superstar" in your field. But you can't be an expert in everything. A coach keeps you focused on your "superstar" abilities.

2. Points you in the right direction. A coach gives you honest feedback and creates a plan of action or a program to follow that will give you a competitive edge. A coach can pinpoint where you need to make adjustments, so you keep your eye on the ball and hit home runs.

3. Holds you accountable. A coach wants you to reach peak performance. Lack of direction, procrastination, distractions, and a host of other maladies stop you from reaching your full potential. Guess what? A coach will hold you accountable. The coach is there to hold your feet to the fire-to make sure you make good on your commitment.

4. Cultivates your talent. The coach recognizes your inner strengths and molds you into a master performer-or superstar. When you outclass the rest, you attract the best. Instead of trolling for clients-clients are attracted to you. (Remember the law of attraction.) When you're the recognized expert in your field, like a superstar athlete, you'll build a huge following of raving fans.

5. Invests in your success. Most important, your coach is your personal cheerleader. The best coach for you is excited about you, your talents, and your business. Your coach pushes you to play like a champion so you become the champion of your industry. Every winning athlete has a coach. If you want to join the club of superstar business owners, you should have one too.

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Ed Abel has invested more than three decades learning how to build a successful, thriving business. At age 24 with a $5,000 loan and the energy and passion of a young entrepreneur, Ed was ready to take on the world. And he did, only to emerge seven years later at the top of a $36 million organization with 585 employees. Inspired by the challenges that led him to success, Ed went on to build other multi-million dollar businesses, yet he missed the passion he experienced "in the trenches" of his f...

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