Strategies For Connecting With Mobile Users


Strategies For Connecting With Mobile Users

Mobile devices have shifted Internet use from a strictly stationary activity to one that occurs while users are on the move. Smart phones, tablet computers, e-readers, and other Internet-enabled mobile devices allow users to conduct online searches, connect through social media accounts, and consume online content from just about anywhere. According to a 2011 study conducted by Google on the activity of smart phone users, 93% of smart phone users used their device at home and 87% used them on the go. Connecting with this growing population is easy and can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Content Made for Mobile Devices

There are two particular forms of content that are made especially for mobile devices: Mobile image ads and mobile search ads. These ads should supplement a website that is already designed to be responsive to mobile devices and can be your primary promotional strategy.

  • Mobile image ads – These are small advertisements saved as basic image files. They are designed to display correctly on a range of popular mobile devices, including smart phones. Create a single image ad or a series of them for more variety.
  • Mobile search ads – These ads display on searches conducted on mobile phones. Like the image ads, these are designed especially for the display capabilities of mobile devices. A mobile search ad will help guide search engine users directly to your website.

Most businesses choose to partner with an advertising agency to develop these two forms of mobile content. Agencies have extensive experience creating image and search ads that function correctly on mobile devices and achieve the results businesses are looking for.

Connecting Directly With Customers

Mobile apps and QR codes are two ways that businesses can sidestep the random nature of search engine ad generation and connect with customers in a much more direct manner. Though image and search ads can catch a person’s interest, apps in particular will keep them coming back for more.

QR codes are computer-generated images of densely packed blocks of black and white. Though they appear random to the human eye, a smart phone is able to decipher the code and interpret the alphanumeric data. The QR codes used in advertising generally direct the user to a particular URL where further content can be accessed. QR code generation is quite simple and requires only some basic software. Once generated, the code can be placed on print or electronic promotional material for access by interested customers.

Mobile apps require more investment to develop but have some very strong return. Numerous marketing agencies are able to develop apps for their clients on major mobile platforms (such as the Google Android or the Apple iPhone). An app can be used to deliver product news or promotional coupons, to shop, to connect with other customers, to leave product reviews, and much more. Developing a strong and appealing mobile app is a great way to cultivate brand awareness and brand identification.

Businesses are now thinking about mobile devices the way that they were thinking about the Internet in general fifteen years ago. Mobile users are no longer a niche segment of the online population and savvy business owners are making the effort to connect with this highly engaged group of people.


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