What if I already had a plan?

What if I already had a plan?

Have you ever considered the possibility that you came to Earth, as the person you are, with a plan already in place? I'm not speaking about one that all the minute details have been worked out, but rather more of a big picture idea plan. And then part of the journey was to uncover the plan.

Please note that as it is important that we maintain our freedom of choice, even with our plan, the details of the plan need to be part of our journey on Earth, to be worked out when the time is appropriate, allowing us the opportunity to choose in or out at any time.

I now know that this is whatmy life's purpose really is.My life's purpose is the planI created formyself beforeI came into this world,my life's plan. It is a general plan or outline that whenI connect with it and follow it, great things happen for me. It is whatI wasmeant to do in this lifetime to contribute to the healing and peace on Earth. Could this apply to you as well?

I also know that we came with some tools to support us in uncovering our life's plan. Things like passion, intuition, interests or coincidences are all part of the package. Did you really think that we would create a plan for ourselves and then not give ourselves some tools to work with? We are far too intelligent Beings to do that.

Let's take a look at each of these tools. The first one is passion. Think about your life and the times when you got really passionate or excited about something. You were in your realm when you were doing this, or participating in this, and you wished you could do it all the time. Or maybe you are lucky enough and are doing it all the time now. That passion is an emotional connection to your life's purpose, your life's plan.

Sometimes, because of life's experiences, we find it difficult to connect with the passion. This is when we need to clear away the negativity, the resentments, the anger, the unforgiveness and unresolved issues in order to clear the path for our passions to come through. At least that is what I had to do to connect with my passions for facilitating and writing, among other things.

Your intuition kicks in when you just know what is right for you. No one else can determine for you what it is that you should be doing or what you need to be doing. Sometimes because we don't trust our own intuition, we allow others to tell us what to do. Or we allow others to stop us in our tracks because they don't agree with our ideas, decision or choices.

If I had listened to what everybody else had told me along the way, you would not be reading this article, and that would be a misfortune for us both. I know they mean well and believe they have our best interests at heart. But in reality they are telling us what they think we should be doing based on their own beliefs, not on what is truly best for us.We areour own best intuitive guide.

Our interests can be a clue to our life's plan as well. For example, if I am interested in nature or the environment, my plan probably has something to do with healing the Earth. If I am interested in health issues, my plan probably has something to do with healing people physically, etc. So ask yourself what are some of my interests? What do I like to read about? What do I like to research on?

I have always been interested in people and supporting them in any way I can. I'm always trying to figure things out like why did they act this way or that way, or why do they think that way. And then to apply it to myself, when do I do some of the things I do and think some of the things I think. This interest is what led me to the self-help industry several years ago. And I continue today still asking many questions and searching for answers.

Next, let's look at coincidences, things that just seem to happen in our lives for no apparent reason. When I started looking at coincidences as something more than just that, I started to see the value in them. For example, getting laid off of a job or let go from job. I have had a few of these in my lifetime because it was time for me to move on. It was important for me to move on. And since I wasn't doing it, it happened for me. Or that chance meeting with a friend who had a piece of information that made some other things fit together. Or a random conversation with a stranger that held precious information or understanding for us. I could go on and on and on.

So what are some things that have happened in your life, just recently or over the years, that you can now see were more than just coincidences? In fact, they were nudges to get you back on track to your life's plan. Write them down and make a list so you can see them in print and really embrace the reality of such coincidences.

Can you think of some more tools that you came with to support you in connecting with your life's plan? If so, please email them to me. I would love to hear from you.

Sadly enough though, many who come to Earth with a life's plan already in place, never uncover it, never get the opportunity to live it out. For whatever their reason, they are unable to connect with their passion, their intuition and their interests or recognize coincidences for anything other than just that. They, on some level, choose not to step into their plan.

However, it is an incredible experience when we start awakening to all of these. When we start to shed that which is standing in the way, take ownership of our life's plan, step into it, and actively pursue it. Nothing can stand in our way. We are connected to means far beyond our human understanding and comprehension. All we really need to do is to trust that all is working out for our best interest and for the best interest of our life's plan.

With love and gratitude,



Elizabeth J. Macarthur, Intuitive Guide, Reiki Practitioner, Levels I & II, ATP®, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, ANGEL THERAPIST®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD, Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression and Past Life Reader, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD, Intuitive Guide Coaching, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

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