Tap Your Natural Motivation

What would it take for you to run a marathon? Or complete that project you've been putting off? What would it take for you to clear off your desk, or start your dream business? What might you accomplish if you knew that your every action had multiple and far-reaching positive results?

Whatever your goal (or albatross), today's idea is meant to assist you in attaining it by tapping your natural motivation to take daily action... and follow through to completion.

Most marathon runners I know, for instance, make their runs about more than speed and distance-- they choose charities or causes to run for. This serves as leverage and a powerful motivator. But if you really asked even a casual morning jogger what is motivating him/her move forward, they may tell you that secretly they run for world peace, a loved one, or a principal...

It is to this level I wish to direct your attention. A woman I know, for instance, runs for world peace, another for the happiness of a troubled relative. Still other people run for "principals" like freedom or persistence, or ideals like making the world a better place. This is not only nice, but a powerful way to insure that they keep going. More importantly it gives the runner enjoyment along the way.

Running is but one venue where this principal works. Most people realize that doing anything for their own personal victory can get them to start the "race," but rarely brings them to the finish. This is because as human beings, we are wired to be able to do more for others than we can for ourselves. Recognizing this, and utilizing it, is our natural motivation, and power and strength too.

So how can this principal energize your daily life? How can you use it to put yourself into movement right now?

Regardless of the task, the principal of "doing for" will empower and inspire action-- so choose something that really juices you to MOVE! Maybe ironing can be about smoothing the tough spots in a loved-one's life. Perhaps cleaning your desk can be a testament to the principal of simplicity. Maybe your housework can be about making the world a better place... Or getting in shape about shaping your community. What else would excite you to act? What else would make you feel good to take steps to that end?

So go ahead and try this: choose a task you've either dreaded, procrastinated, been afraid of, or simply must complete. Make it all about someone else... or something greater than yourself. Link up your thoughts and emotions with that greater goal.. and get moving on the 'smaller' one.

(you just may find yourself getting much more than you bargained for...)


My professional background includes an eclectic mix of professions and small business...many with a strong dose of leadership.

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