The Top 10 Methods of Meditation

Readily recommended throughout the ages, meditation serves as our own personal fountain of peace. Whether studied or spontaneous, meditation fulfills our deepest need for serenity and self-knowledge. To follow are several classic routes to realization. Remember, know the modality JUST enough to know thyself-- then let the method fall away into the truth of your being...

1. Sitting

as in "just sitting." Finding a comfortable position and resting therein for longer than you think you can.

2. Trancendental Meditation

TM has been practiced for ages, and can offer a sense of order to a chaotic mind.

3. Breathwork

Witnessing breathing for a given time, or making the breath flow a certain way, offers us opportunities to slide by an awfully big brain.

4. Loving-kindness

Meditation on specific emotions can illumine our eternal heart. Contemplating Gratitude, Faith, and Humility can do wonders for you and your worldly "team mates" too.

5. Guided

Making your body comfortable as you listen to teachers & tapes walk you through the levels and lands of your growing awareness. By nature of this modality alone, you can transform through Trust...

6. Walking

Who says your body must be still for your mind to become a minor player? Moving in rhythm can make your mind quickly hit the theta stride (in other words, oscillating in tandem to the vibration of creation).

7. Yoga

Or how about movement AND stillness for those of you who want to mix it up? From hatha yoga your body grows malleable, as does your mind-- Increasing your flexibilty offers you peace in surprises and a self-knowing that transcends discomfort.

8. Music

Listen loud, and listen long to sounds that truly insprire you... To whom exactly are those words sung? Where will that melody move you? After all, do we really need the "roadies" to soar to the stars?

9. Mantra

...can make your whole life a moving meditation. Meaning-filled words spoken or inner-whispered repeatedly, shift your experience. Mantra need not be granted or assigned, as we can personally choose what we want to exude. Why not choose a phrase and meditate today?

10. Chanting

Compelling sounds can make our bodies respond positively and our thinking quiet down. In this sound-creation space we hear only grace, and FEEL the movement of miracles within.


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