The Mind Body and Soul Solution to Stress

I already know that the reason why you are interested in the content of this article is because you are striving to achieve a healthy work life balance. I hope to provide you with key insights into how your business can succeed without the unnecessary stress and potential burnout.

If you have read my pervious article, I spoke about how your business is a bi-product of yourself. If you are ‘Stressed’ you are likely to be experiencing an accumulation of the following symptoms.


• Anxiety

• Hostility

• Anger

• Irritability

• Resentment

• Poor self-esteem

• Depression

• Unwanted thoughts and fears


• Muscular tension,

• High blood pressure

• Headaches

• Indigestion

• Ulcers

• Irritable bowel syndrome

• Fatigue

• Insomnia

• Obesity

If you can identify with any of the above symptoms, it is very likely that you are not performing to your optimum potential and as a result it is very likely your business is also lagging in achieving desired and required results.

Stress and the symptoms of stress are very likely to be affecting your health considerably so it is very important that you tackle stress head on. The following describes the mind body and soul approach to tackle stress effectively. It might sound simple but requires your dedication to make it work effectively.

Mind over matter – (Mind)

It is essential to identify what factors of your life are energy drainers and stressors. You can then implement strategies to reduce or manage these factors effectively.

For example a client of mine dedicated to her job and was evidently very successful at what she did and believed it necessary to work 60+ hour s a week. The company she worked for had a highly supportive approach to flexible working and the company policy allowed her to work as little and often as necessary as long as the results were achieved. We discovered it was her interpretation of her requirement to be there to ensure results were maintained, which made her believe it necessary to work long hours. Through implementing specific measures; such as new business processes so that her staff new what to do in an emergency and also a personal time sheet which provided her with a means to track her working time and aim to work from home one day a week. These measures empowered her staff with responsibility; she was able to maintain suitable working hours and remove 3 hours of commuting from working one day a week from home.

The benefits are outstanding she has achieved a better work life balance, she works less which means she is more productive and less stressed at work. Her staff felt she was more approachable, which has resulted in issues being addressed before they became emergency situations. Most importantly this has given her the freedom and time to start new salsa classes and other social activities in order to make friends outside work. Now this journey hasn’t been easy and it has taken huge courage and motivation to make these changes and maintain them. However, the positive impact of the end goal has been life enriching and fulfilling.

Physical Health - (Body)

It is important to maintain a healthy and well balanced diet; make sure you are having sufficient daily intake of nutritional food. A good diet can dramatically assist the body in handling stress more effectively.

Foods to avoid or cut down on if you are experiencing a period of stress are:

• Caffeine –Coffee, Tea, Coke, Chocolate

• Alcohol

• Sugar - Biscuits, fizzy drinks, Cakes

• Fatty Foods – Dairy products, fried food, general junk foods

• Cows Milk and dairy products

• Red meat

• Refined foods – White bread, Flour, White Pasta

• Spicy Foods – no Indian takeaways etc

• Margarines and other processed vegetable oils.

Commit to 3 episodes of rigorous cardio exercise for at least 30 – 40 minutes at a time. If the gym is not your thing, join a class or even take up a hobby which requires you to be energetic. Exercise is excellent at burning off stress as well as unwanted calories.

Rest; allow yourself the luxury of a good nights sleep regularly. There are many useful techniques you can use to aid a restful nights sleep.

Positive Mental Attitude (Soul)

Spend 15 minutes every morning to meditate. You can achieve long lasting benefits from a dedicated daily meditation routine. Not only will it give you time to wake up it will allow you space to gather your thoughts on your day ahead and prepare yourself mentally for the challenges you may face. There is not enough time or space to give you details on meditation techniques and practices but please contact me for further information.

Stay positive; be aware of the thoughts you have on a daily basis. Are they positive or negative? Identifying a negative thought process is the first positive step to feeling more in control.

A client of mine recently explained his concerns about age and how it provided him with limited choices for his future, he is 49. When describing his life situation , age was always his reason for not trying. After discussing more closely his negative thought process he actually believed age to be his disability. By thinking and believing this statement to be true wholeheartedly his age had actually become a disablement to his life and had been holding him back from achieving all the exciting business opportunities available to him.

Write a positive statement that is the complete opposite too the negative thoughts. Replace these negative thoughts to positive and strong statements. It does take time and total commitment but is a crucial key in managing your stresses. For further advice on writing an effective and positive affirmation please contact me to discuss.

If you have any particular questions or specific areas of concern, which you would be interested in me covering in these articles then please email me

Emma White

Personal Development and Business Health Coach


Hi, I am a Personal Development and Buisness Health Coach. My aim is to ensure every client is performing at their best. Through challenging questions the client is able to become more self aware of their approach to life and how their beliefs can create obstacles from achieving their desired goals. I then work closely with the client, providing them with tools and techniques that ensure's optimum results. The coaching I provide is tailored to the clients needs and I educate the client so th...

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