How to Avoid Braces and Unnecessary Extractions

A close friend was having serious problems with crooked teeth and was not happy with the options he was facing to obtain relief. So I did some internet research and came across a wonderful and insightful book by Kent Lauson, DDS, entitled Straight Facts About Crooked Teeth.

Dr. Lauson has come up with a pace-setting, holistic treatment to prevent unnecessary extractions, surgeries, and teeth straightening braces. The author makes a case to take orthodontics to a whole new level.

The book explains the author’s 9 Keys to Lower Facial Harmony and is packed full of convincing testimonials from patients whose lives have been changed by Dr. Lauson’s revolutionary treatment approach. His unique system has resulted in the elimination of asthma, ADHD, TMJ dysfunctions, and sleep apnea. His most amazing treatment, however, is one that avoids the needs for braces for those with crooked teeth and the second most amazing treatment – to me, at least – is the one that avoids unnecessary extractions.

After finishing this easy-to-read book I loaned it to my friends who is very excited about the favorable options now available to him.


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