Examples of Eye-Catching Words

Do words matter in your website, PR kit, and Facebook page? Yes, they do however there are some guidelines before you go overboard with ‘an intoxication of the exuberance of your verbosity’. Psychologically, some words are weighted more in your favour than others.

When in doubt, go for facts. Use evidence as your basis of a well-reasoned argument. Focus on words that catch the eye. Your priority of influence will be: to create attention, then create attraction. Attend to building attention-getting text and content. Then, make it attractive enough for the reader or potential buyer to explore. Reinforce key words by tweaking them. For instance, if you want to apply a respectful tone, then use words like ‘respectfully’, ‘with all due respect’, and ‘respect’.

Spot the trends: If you go on Twitter, you can locate the trends for your country. ‘Trending’ is the online term used to measure the most widely tweeted words or phrases by use of ‘hash-tags’ or ‘#’. Otherwise, the 140-character limited text message will be identified by key words and phrases.

Google popular searches: Everyday, you’ll notice that certain words are accessed more than others.

Ask your customers: ‘What matters to you when you are buying?’ Invariably, these things matter in various priorities: money, health, family, happiness, freedom, wealth, money, security, humour, holidays, travel, experiences, learning, success and secrets.

Key words (which may be eye-catching) include: healthy, security, happiness, cheap, economical, safe, value for money, money, rich, enhance, improve, better, best, sex, etc. Integrate these words into your business only if they apply. If you are into personal care and beauty, then word in: beautify, youth, reverse aging, slow time down, beat the clock, wrinkle-free, regenerate, youthful, erase lines, and the like.

Apply a few such words at a time:In most cases, brevity is the key. Keep it brief. Communicate to express, not merely impress. Each word has a purpose and a meaning, and selecting the appropriate one can make the difference if it is read or avoided. Many online marketers commit the cardinal sin of being superfluous and riddled with hype. Keep it factual. Keep it real. Give your readers more credit for their intelligence. No many are gullible to reach into their PayPal account to pay you to be more like you.

Put spin on your chin! Tweat your tweet!


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2nd July 2014 12:31pm
Hi Enrico!
I want to start blogging and want to target the experiences of the people in my country. Will the name 'Humans Enchanted' be appropriate for my blog? I am totally new at blogging.
Please help!

5th December 2014 9:15am
im trying to write captions for my yearbook and need attention catching words for it. can you help me?

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