Pushing Dailies: Extending Your Company’s Potential

In the short-lived TV series, Pushing Daisies a young man finds true love by rejuvenating the love of his life with his touch. He has a gift, albeit a morbid one – for he can raise the dead for one minute before they succumb to the limitations of mortality. Unfortunately, he can prolong his relationship with his girlfriend only if he touches her through a plastic bag. The artificial barrier allows contact, yet limits actual physical contact.

Pushed to the limits. What about pulled to the limits? We can force people to work against their will, enforce rules, and forcibly remove people from their creature comforts. However, how effective are these interventions? Do they last? More importantly, with such forceful practices, will these companies last, and outlast others?

How often do you push the limits of your perceived shortcomings? How do you encourage the best out of others? How often have you made breakthroughs with others without breaking them? You may break a horse in, but you do not want to break its spirit to the point of meekness and weakness?

In endurance sports, we push through our physical discomforts when we train longer, or race faster. Pushing past our self-imposed limits allows us to experience new results and sensations. It could be shaving off 14 minutes off your biathlon time, making the qualifying time for the Boston Marathon, or completing your first sea-swim. Swimming past your fear of open-water can spell new confidence and pride. Braving pain to inch in one second ahead of your competitor, to finally stand on the podium can be just a sweet as Manuka Honey. Results matter!

Push or pull. Force through limitations, and create new results every day. Everyday is an opportunity in our business to push past our barriers. Press on!


A former, international executive in a multinational corporation I now lead and manage my international leadership and consulting firm. I deliver a daily blog on leadership where I share the best practices of effective leaders from various industries, and professions ('Leadership Lessons from Triathlons'). I model the success strategies of these industry and business leaders and present them for education and reflection. As a motivational leader and leadership consultant, I focus on values-based...

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