Pushing Potential

When was the last time you nudged your potential? Potential – that elusive thing that is just out of your reach and that which raises your value and enhances your substance. Move from ‘what if?’ to ‘what could be’ to ‘what is’.

Pushing metal. Pushing back distractions and useless temptations. Pushing back against naysayers. Without pushes, we are less motivated to explore possibilities and our capabilities. Pushes need not be hard and harsh. They can be gentle and persuasive - working their magic in subtle ways. In selling, there is a margin of difference between pushing your ideas across passionately and pushing your weight.

How much have you challenged yourself recently? Have you considered enhancing your career, a change in working environment, being expatriated, working with new partners and alliances, or being self-employed? In your current employ, when was the last time you submitted an article to your corporate newsletter, pitched for a budget, given a recognition speech, or engaged actively in your company’s corporate social responsibility campaign?

Are you keen to run a sub-3 hour marathon? Former-national sailor and world champion, Dr Ben Tan achieved it a few years back when he was 40 years old. Sister Madonna Budder continues to race in Ironman triathlons even though she is 80 years old. Many in the silver community are seeking further education in their spirit of lifelong learning.

For those in business, what can you do to push your business to the next level of growth? How can you utilize the Newtonian force of pull to gain entry to the next level of development? Do you push your luck often? Do your customers push back in defence or defiance?

Utilise push as a force to be reckoned with. Work soft with hard. In the Chinese martial art form of ‘Pushing Hands’, you counter push with pull. Stay balanced as you topple the opposition’s balance. Seek your potential and rise to your next level of competence and mastery.


A former, international executive in a multinational corporation I now lead and manage my international leadership and consulting firm. I deliver a daily blog on leadership where I share the best practices of effective leaders from various industries, and professions ('Leadership Lessons from Triathlons'). I model the success strategies of these industry and business leaders and present them for education and reflection. As a motivational leader and leadership consultant, I focus on values-based...

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