How to Set Goals

Do thoughts of your future excite you? Or fill you with fear and stress?

Picture a mouse inside a wheel – running, and getting no-where.

If this describes your life there’s a strong chance you haven’t set any goals.

Many people generally know what goals are. But only 5% write down their goals, and a plan to make them happen. That’s the art of goal setting.

Discover now what goals are; what goal setting is; why most people don’t set goals; and why goal setting turns your life from running endlessly in a wheel, toward consistent life achievements.

What are Goals?

Goals are very specific life outcomes we want, that give us direction and personal aims.

What is Goal Setting?

What separates Goals from ordinary Dreams is writing them down – because this begins pre-programming your mind to find ways to make the goals happen. Goal setting means planning specific action steps to take, to achieve your goals.

Why don’t more people set Goals?

Most people don’t know how, or don’t know the value of goal setting for achieving their life ambitions. They fear failure. They think they have goals, when instead these are just ordinary dreams.

Why Goal Setting changes your life.

Goals give shape and focus to your life, the compelling “reason why”, the momentum to take action, the “How to…” make them happen. Goal setting – the art of writing down specific desired outcomes, with the planned steps you must take – “forces” your mind to look for ways to make the desired goal a success.

Here is the easiest, most powerful 10-step Goal Setting process for you.

1. Think about what you want and write it down

2. Decide EXACTLY what you want and write it down.

3. Make sure your goal is measurable.

4. Identify the specific reasons that you want to achieve this goal and write them down.

5. Establish a definite date for accomplishment of your goal and write it down.

6. Create a list of action steps that you need to take to accomplish your goal and write it down.

7. Create an action plan from your list of action steps and write it down.

8. Take Action.

9. Do something every day

10. View your goals as often as possible.

Now grab a pen and some paper, and spend 30 minutes setting the goals for your life!


Eric Lofholm is a Master Sales Trainer who has trained tens of thousands of sales professionals nationwide. He is President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., an organization he founded to serve the needs of sales professionals worldwide. Eric began his career as a top-producing sales representative for 3 different sales organizations. His consistent track record of regularly outperforming his fellow sales reps earned a reputation of success that follows him to this day. Eric ha...

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