Recurring Billing is a great way to create a more stable affiliate marketing income stream. A customer who is getting a product that they feel is valuable to them will continue to buy from you each month without fail.

Another word that is commonly used to describe this type of affiliate program is known as a continuity model of promotion. There are various ways that this can be done, but several of the most well-known versions are weekly, annually, or monthly. Fortunately, you can have a client in a recurring billing program for as long as that person remains a member.

Those who think this is a foreign concept need look no further than their own bills. Odds are that you have more than one of these types of services that you normally deal with on a monthly basis. Some examples include your telephone bill, internet service provider, hosting company, and various other services that make your life easier.

The great part about this type of service is shown below:

You simply have to obtain a client one time, and you will continue to get their money until they decide to cancel this service

This is as close as it gets to a stable income in the land of affiliate promotion.

Below are three methods to uncover valuable recurring billing vehicles:

•1. Search and uncover services that are billed on a monthly basis. These can be promoted in the same way that other products can be promoted.

•2. Find all of the monthly billing programs that the online search pages have to offer. Some phrases you may want to search for include "monthly membership," "monthly affiliate program," "continuity programs," and other terms of that nature.

•3. Become a master in one specific area. If you are known as an affiliate who can produce stellar results in your niche, you probably have created some incredible relationships with your affiliate managers and other website owners. Use these relationships to find out what other offers exist that pay each month. These are the ones that you want to pursue.

In conclusion, you do not have to rely on just one method of affiliate promotion. Those looking for a more stable form of income would be wise to promote monthly, yearly, and weekly membership programs. You can then be more confident of the income that you can earn on a consistent basis.


My name is Erica, I am a RN that is trying to start a home business so that I can stay home with my 10yr old daughter the love of my life. I have been Cardiac Nurse for 8 yrs and I feel like I need to do something else despite my love for nursing and people.

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