How do I start a makeup line?


How do I start a makeup line?


How do I start a makeup line? I got a question from one of my Twitter followers Naomi who wrote in to say, “Evan, how do you even find a laboratory to start a makeup line? Do you have to pay them to help you? How does it all work? Naomi.”

So Naomi, okay, unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket or a ton of cash in your bank account, going to the lab is not going to be your best play here at the beginning because, yes, you do have to pay them, okay.

Understand the business that these makeup labs are in. They want to produce high quantity products, right?

They don’t want to deal with you might be ordering a thousand or a hundred or a demo product, right, they don’t want to work with you.

They want to work with companies who are going to order millions of units from them. So that’s the type of customer that you’re working with here.

This is your supplier. How I would get started if I were you, okay?

1. Pick one thingDon’t think about a whole makeup line.

"Pick one thing that you want to get good at."

If you look at the successful makeup companies and how they got started, if you go way back, they had one product that they started with, became known for, made some money with, and then expanded to everything else.

So whatever you’re most passionate about,

if it’s lipstick

or rouge

or blush or

eyeliner, whatever it is, pick one thing that you want to focus on and just do that to start and you can worry about the line down the road. Okay? That’s the first thing.

2. Get startedTry doing something on your own. If you go back and look at how these companies got started, it was usually the founder in their kitchen mixing up some recipes and making a product.

"Learn about whatever one product you’re getting into."

So if you’re doing lipstick, know everything about lipstick, know what goes into making a lipstick, try to make your own from your kitchen, just get started and don’t wait on some manufacturer to make it for you.

3. Model successGo out and learn from people who are doing this. And it comes in two ways.

The first is, learn from the companies who have come before you.

So look at Revlon, look at Estee Lauder, look at how they got started.

Not how they sell now but how did Estee Lauder go from an idea to making her first million dollars? Learn from that success and apply it to your business.

Go work for a makeup company.

Go work for one of these companies that are making this stuff so you can learn about the business.

Ideally you find a company that has 10, 20 employees small enough that you can get some real responsibility and you’re going to get paid to make mistakes, you’re going to get paid to learn the business, you’re going to get paid to make connections.

"So when you’re ready to launch, you have experience, you know who to talk to, you have a much greater chance of achieving success."

That’s how I would do it. And I wish you the best of luck. Believe.

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