"Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum." -Tom Watson

My condo is a total mess.

There are clothes all over the living room floor.

My fridge is almost empty.

Today was the first time I shaved in a week.

Evan... what the heck are you doing?

Something big.

Something I'm excited about.

Something that is giving me huge momentum.

I'm not making things public yet but the teachable lesson today is this:

When you have momentum, stay in it for as long as possible.

Running a business is hard.

Most of the time you're just trying to keep up and stay afloat.

That's why momentum is important.

Momentum is where the magic happens.

When you've got momentum you're getting things done quickly.

Things that might have taken you weeks to do are flying off your checklist.

You feel the energy that it brings you.

You feel like your business idea will work even though everyone's telling you it won't.

If you stop now you'll kill your momentum.

This is where so many entrepreneurs make a mistake.

You get a great idea... something that really excites you...

And you tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow... or next week...

And then you never do it.

If you're excited by something, take action right away.


Send an email to someone.

Make a phone call.

Visit a store or library to do some research.

And do as much as you can while you're in the zone because that work will be gold for you.

The work you do in one week when you're feeling the momentum will be more valuable than months of your usual work.

Push everything else.

Meetings, calls, emails, etc... your usual daily routine... can wait.

This is too important.

Pay attention to it and don't let your momentum slip away.

Evan, this kind of lifestyle isn't sustainable.

You're right.

I'm a neat freak - I hate clothes on the floor.

I've gotta eat - I need some food in the fridge.

At some point I'm going to need to get a great night's sleep again.

This isn't sustainable for me or you.

Being in the zone isn't sustainable either.

I don't know anyone who wakes up every single day in the zone.

If you're passionate about what you're doing and really believe in it then that's a fantastic start.

But you still don't wake up every day in the zone.

So stay in the zone as long as you can and when you fall out of it, go back to your regular routine.

There's a huge difference between being a workaholic (wearing down your health, and driving your friends and family away)... and maximizing time spent in the zone when you have momentum.

All of the best progress I've made in all of my businesses have come from being in the zone and using the momentum I had.

It's totally worth it.



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Have a question for Evan?

Nam Truong
10th June 2014 1:30am
Hi Evan! I am fascinated that you do so much to help anyone and everyone that you can. I love that you comment back and also answer questions for other entrepreneurs out there in this world! You are doing a great service, and the fact that you turn down your "dream Job" to fulfill your own needs to help others was so selfless and admirable. I do have an app idea that I would love to share with you, but that can wait until my next response to you. This time around I just wanted to ... Read More
Evan Carmichael
10th June 2014 3:11am
Thanks Nam :)

10th June 2014 5:38am
When you say marketing is worth a third (plus 1%) of the total required to start a restaurant, are u talking about fliers and ridiculous savings coupons, or do u mean radio/newspaper etc like actually getting the word out? I'm close to opening a restaurant, left school at 14 and have been in the game since (34 now) and was simply gob-smacked reading ur column on restaurants (feeling like I know a bit) just to recognize the amount of emphasis you placed on marketing! Unfortunately I'm ... Read More
Evan Carmichael
10th June 2014 11:49am
Hi Logan - where did I say Marketing is one third?

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