November 2011 Top 50 Branding Experts to Follow on Twitter


November 2011 Top 50 Branding Experts to Follow on Twitter

#1) @facebook -Facebook -Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.
#2) @richardbranson -richardbranson -Founder of Virgin Group:@virgin
#3) @chrisbrogan -Chris Brogan -President, Human Business Works. More? contact:
#4) @ev -Evan Williams -Farm boy from Nebraska. Husband and father. Co-founder of Twitter. Partner at@ObviousCorp
#5) @WholeFoods -Whole Foods Market -Fresh organic tweets from Whole Foods Market HQ in Austin, TX. Ready to answer your questions Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CST!
#6) @zappos CEO -Tony
#7) @JetBlue -JetBlue Airways -JetBluedoesn't respond to formal complaints on Twitter. For official customer concerns go to or call 1-800-jetblue. On duty:@JetBlue/team
#8) @HubSpot -HubSpot -Inbound Marketing Software. Learn more about HubSpot in this video:
#9) @thebrandbuilder -Olivier Blanchard -Pray that I never become your competitor's secret weapon.
#10) @BrandRepublic -BrandRepublic -Brand Republic - daily advertising, digital, social media, marketing and media news from the publisher of Campaign,, Marketing and PR Week.
#11) @OPENForum -OPEN Forum -Welcome to the Official American Express OPEN Twitter Page where you can tap into the collective ingenuity of other business owners.
#12) @keithferrazzi -Keith Ferrazzi -Thought leader. Relationship Guru. Consultant. Author of "Never Eat Alone" and "Who's got Your Back."
#13) @Brandyourself -Brand-Yourself -Make sure what shows up in search engines is positive content that's about you. Brand Yourself gives you the tools to manage your online reputation.
#14) @Brandamentalist -David Ansett -Founder of brand design agency Truly Deeply. Helping businesses build their brand by serving-up doses of daily brand insights, observations & inspirations.
#15) @KrishnaDe -Krishna De -Passionate aboutbranding, word of mouth marketing, social media and online reputation mgmt. Speaker, author, commentator, blogger, podcaster and mum of 3 girls
#16) @LaraCaseyReps -Lara Casey -BrandingExpert@PowerfulBrand+ Luxury Wedding Market Consultant, Speaker, Founder of@MTH2011, Publisher@iloveswmag
#17) @HajjFlemings -Hajj Flemings -Featured in CNN's Black in America 4 - airing 11/13/11 ( CEO/Co-Founder of Gokit ( Founder of Brand Camp University.
#18) @profgalloway -Scott Galloway -Professor of #BrandStrategyat@NYUStern, Founder of @L2_ThinkTank,@redenvelope@ProphetBrand& Firebrand Partners.@UCLA&@HaasAlumni.
#19) @johngerzema -John Gerzema -bestselling author | TED speaker | INC. columnist | exec. chmn. of BAV consulting | oversee strategy for Y&R brands | board advisor
#20) @GayleHoward -Gayle Howard -Multi-award winning Master Resume Writer and PersonalBrandingStrategist. Promoting the talents of bold, authentic, audacious senior executives since 1990
#21) @DavidAaker -David Aaker -Vice-Chairman of@ProphetBrand, Executive Advisor to Dentsu, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley, Author of Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant.
#22) @CEOCoach -Deb Dib -Unabashedly passionate about helping visionary, gutsy, ethical leaders land faster, earn more, have fun & change the world! Co-Author, Twitter Job Search (JIST)
#23) @williamarruda -WilliamArruda -William Arruda is a personalbrandingexpert, public speaker, author and executive coach.
#24) @JunLoayza -JunLoayza -Build a successful startup or die trying
#25) @reachbranding -William Arruda -Founded in 2001 by William Arruda, Reach is the global leader in personalbranding.
#26) @Engagingbrand -Anna Farmery -Speaker, Author, Host to 4 times nominated Best Business Podcast - The Engaging Brand and Strategist for Businesses wanting to use social media
#27) @WalterAkana -WalterAkana -Walter is a Career and Life Strategist who works exclusively with mid-career individuals who want to achieve more self direction in their careers and lives.
#28) @lauraries -Laura Ries -marketing andbrandingstrategist, bestselling author, blogger, speaker and media personality
#29) @ChadALevitt -Chad Levitt -Author of the New Sales Economy blog | Modern Sales & Marketing Strategist | HubSpotter
#30) @kirstendixon -Kirsten Dixson -One of world's first Reach-Certified PersonalBrandingStrategists, original online identityexpert, and coauthor of Career Distinction (Wiley).
#31) @susanguarneri -Susan Guarneri -Career Assessment Goddess and Master PersonalBrandingStrategist. CertifiedExpertResume Writer and career coach. Dog lover, avid quilter, and love fishing!
#32) @davesaunders -Dave Saunders -Equal parts tech geek,branding, media, PR and communications w/ a good share of whimsy in a bottle
#33) @brandcoach -BrandCoach -Advertising : been there. Brandstrategy consulting : doing that.
#34) @brandingexpert -Rob Frankel -The bestbrandingexperton the planet. Blog:
#35) @Rynge -The Rynge Group -Social Media, PersonalBranding, Mobile Marketing, Market & Business Development. - blog | - corporate site
#36) @SashaStrauss -Mr. Sasha Strauss -Brand Strategist | Professor of Brand Strategy | Founder of a Brand Strategy consulting firm in Downtown LA called Innovation Protocol (@InnovationProto).
#37) @nancerosen -Nance Rosen -personalbranding, careers, communication - Getting visibility for you, your career, business and life! Coaching, workshops, seminars: CALL 1-888-GO NANCE
#38) @LesleyEverett -Lesley Everett -Personal BrandExpert& International Speaker. Founder of Walking TALL, Author, TVexpertcommentator, President of Global Speakers Federation (2013-2014
#39) @BrandNinja-Luis Pedroza -In charge of Marketing for Glanbia Cheese Ltd., formerly led Regional Marketing for General Mills and Nestle cereals in China and Russia
#40) @myreinventure-Randi Bussin -Career reinvention and personalbrandingstrategist
#41) @jeffhennion-Jeff Hennion -Follow Jeff, EVP - Chief Marketing Officer & e-Commerce of@GNCLiveWell, to get a behind the scenes look at the world of health and sports nutrition retail.
#42) @Jeffrey_Blake-Jeffrey Blake -★ Enterprise Architect, Web Strategist, Social Business Technologist, Personal Brand Hammer
#43) @RachelGogos-Rachel Gogos -Personal Brand Strategist, Online ID Builder, Entrepreneur, Social Media, Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Mom, Chef....

#44) @MarkMontoya-Mark Montoya -Mark Montoya: Online PersonalBrandingSpecialist. Helping job seekers get employed. Avid networker.
#45) @PhillipDavis-PhillipDavis -Brandingguru, speaker, writer, blogger, founder@TungstenBrand, co-founder@JumpScan@ScanTag
#46) @louisemowbray-Louise Mowbray -ICF Professional Coach, Speaker & Author. Personal Brand, Leadership Brand & Consciousness Coach. Owner Mowbray by Design - also@smart_evolution&@ThePIPBA.
#47) @jannwatt-jannwatt -is a Personal Brand Strategist living in Wellington, New Zealand. I am passionate about helping people find their career mojo.
#48) @RobCuesta-Rob Cuesta -Interational marketer and business growthexpert
#49) @pathfindernig-Yinka Olaito -Happy to help individuals, organizations with brand communications, social media. A passionate brand communications,Social Media, Public Relations guy
#50) @ExpBrand-Expert Brand -ExpertBrand is your online one stop shop for Mens & Womens Sportswear, Performance Apparel & Workout Clothes, Get Active, Be Cool,Stay Dry, Feel Good!


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