October 2011 Top 50 Young Entrepreneur Experts to Follow on Twitter


October 2011 Top 50 Young Entrepreneur Experts to Follow on Twitter

#1) @Drake - Drizzy - Take Care
#2) @richardbranson - richardbranson - Founder of Virgin Group:@virgin
#3) @jack - Jack Dorsey - Executive Chairman of Twitter, CEO of Square, a founder of both.
#4) @UncleRUSH - Russell Simmons - Empower an African Student, Donate Now! Text DEF to 90999. Your $10 donation will support the empowerment of an African youth by increasing access to education.
#5) @Tyga - TYGA - Email: Emily@Jervinggroup.com...... for show bookings#YMCMB#LastKings#CarelessWorldDec20#BitchImTheShit
#6) @sacca - Chris Sacca - Dreamily married to@crystaleand investor in Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Turntable.fm & other fun startups that I Tweet about. Learn more: www.lowercasellc.com.
#7) @danielbru - Daniel Brusilovsky - 18 year-old entrepreneur. Founder & CEO of Teens in Tech Labs. Evangelist, Silicon Valley at JESS3. Advisor at Everyme.
#8) @markbao - Mark Bao - startup founder · 19y · co-founder/CTO of@onswipe· did threewords.me · code + design + strategy
#9) @Under30CEO - Under30CEO - Keeping young entrepreneurs informed with news, advice and trends.
#10) @mattwilsontv - Matt Wilson - Looking to help every young entrepreneur on the planet! via@Under30CEO
#11) @askgerber - Scott Gerber - Columnist for Inc., TIME, Portfolio, Mashable and WSJ. Founder of Sizzle It! and Young Entrepreneur Council. Author of Never Get a Real Job.
#12) @JessicaMah - Jessica Mah - CEO, inDinero.com
#13) @dh - David Hauser - Young Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of@grasshopper,@chargify,@popsurveyapp,@packagefoxand angel investor
#14) @michaeldunlop - Michael Dunlop - Just chillin, building sites.
#15) @JunLoayza - JunLoayza - Build a successful startup or die trying
#16) @syedbalkhi - Syed Balkhi - I am technically awesome. No pun intended. I also created this thing called@wpbeginnerand many other cool sites.
#17) @adorasv - Adora Svitak - JStudent, author, teacher, World Food Programme youth representative; advocate for feminism, youth voice, and literacy; overuser of semicolons.
#18) @IncomeDiary - Income Diary - Let me teach you how to make a full time living with 30 minutes a day!
#19) @ariellescott - arielle p scott - Part artist. Part entrepreneur. Full badass. Founded@Genjuice. Also, ex-choreographer & house music fiend.
#20) @Farrhad - Farrhad A - 17 - Founder of a creative media company working across the globe.
#21) @michaeldsimmons - Entrepreneur Support - Award- Winning Young Entrepreneur / Bestselling Author
#22) @afrais - Alex - WordPress designer + blogger. I've been designing things since I was 14 & and am working on my upcoming blog -- Life Notion
#23) @SuperAffiliate - David Wilkinson - 17-year-old student, politically obsessed entrepreneur, startuper, internet marketer, biz hacker and Fabian. Even hipsters copy me. raging homos ftw!
#24) @netspencer - Spencer Schoeben - stay hungry. stay foolish.
#25) @rahimthedream - Rahim Fazal - chairman & co-founder of involver, public speaker and former freestyle emcee
#26) @cameronjohnson - Cameron Johnson - TV Personality / Entrepreneur / Author / Speaker
#27) @AdamHorwitz - Adam Horwitz - Helping the world one way or another at age 18.. BUT through the Internet..?
#28) @JuniorBiz - Nick Tart - Young people, grownup business. JuniorBiz.com teaches young people how to become entrepreneurs. 22-year-old alumnus of Colorado State University.
#29) @theYEC - The YEC - An invite-only org comprised of the most promising young entrepreneurs. YEC promotes entrepreneurship as a solution to youth unemployment & underemployment.
#30) @kingSidharth - King Sidharth - 20, Artist, Entrepreneur, Designer & Public Speaker. Information Architecture, UX Porn are my cup & tea. I contradict myself, often. Follow @ your own peril.
#31)@the_dream - Christian Owens - Entrepreneur. Changing your spending with@GetDealy, changing the developing world with@LoveCoffeeCo. Proudly British.
#32) @Bis - Elliott Bisnow - Make No Small Plans
#33) @MarshallHaas - Marshall Haas - Founder of Obsorb - in the early startup phase. Technology and motorcycle nerd. Have architecture background, also own niche firm
#34) @AndrewFashion - Andrew Fashion - Self-made millionaire entrepreneur
#35) @natebro - Nathaniel Broughton - Internet entrepreneur and investor. I also much like the travel.
#36) @YoungEntre - Young Entrepreneurs - The Premeir Resource for young entrepreneurs to learn about entrepreneurship, business, investing, industries, the market, and opportunities.
#37) @arelmoodie - Arel Moodie - America's Top Young Speaker, and Owner of Extreme Entrepreneurship Education, and Arel Moodie International.
#38) @zacharycollins - Zachary Collins - Internet entrepreneur. Founder of@usefive. Coca-Cola addict.
#39) @missoandfriends - Miss O and Friends - Coolest website for tween girls out there! A place for them to make friends, talk SAFELY to other girls, play games, be creative & have fun!
#40) @KairosSociety - The Kairos Society - Advancing the World Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation
#41)@drusenko - drusenko - Weebly Founder, part-time DJ and traveling enthusiast
#42) @brettleve - Brett Leve - Co-Founder & Curator of@SummitSeries.
#43) @Sabirul_Islam - Sabirul Islam - Teen-Trepreneur, Global Motivational Speaker, Author & Founder of 'The World at Your Feet,' 'Teen-Speakers’ & Inspire1Million:http://www.inspire1million.org/
#44) @ShaneHudson - Shane Hudson - Website Design and Developer, Blogger, Student, Programmer, Founding Author of www.SuccessCircuit.com ... Friend.
#45) @AlexMaroko - Alex Maroko - ..there's something horribly efficient about you.
#46) @cncook - Catherine Cook - Co-founder, myYearbook.com
#47) @flyingfingers - Joyce Svitak - Work with musician Adrianna (www.adriannasvitak.com) and teacher Adora (www.adorasvitak.com), travel around the world to various conferences.
#48) @yeos - YEoS - The network for Sweden's foremost young entrepreneurs. / Nätverket för Sveriges främsta unga entreprenörer.
#49) @LAfactor - Lauren Amarante - '11@ASUgrad. Events, entertainment, & outreach aficionado. Countryline dancer. Athlete. Unreasonably passionate about creating extraordinary experiences.
#50) @keithjdavisjr - keith davis jr - student of the game


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