September 2012 Top 50 New Personal Finance Books for Entrepreneurs


September 2012 Top 50 New Personal Finance Books for Entrepreneurs

#1) The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills - by Daniel Coyle
#2) Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life - by Trevor Blake
#3) The MoneySmart Family System: Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age - by Steve Economides and Annette Economides
#4) Man vs. Markets: Economics Explained (Plain and Simple) - by Paddy Hirsch
#5) The Click Moment: Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World - by Frans Johansson
#6) You Can Buy Happiness (and It's Cheap): How One Woman Radically Simplified Her Life and How You Can Too - by Tammy Strobel
#7) The Investor's Manifesto: Preparing for Prosperity, Armageddon, and Everything in Between - by William J. Bernsteinand Jonathan Clements
#8) What the Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of Us - by Guy Kawasaki
#9) Retirement Held Hostage: How To Rescue Your Retirement From Bad Advice - by Robert Russell
#10) It's Your Money!: Simple Strategies to Maximize Your Social Security Income (Volume 1) - by John D. Deppe CMFC and Angela S. Deppe CPA
#11) Saving for Retirement (Without Living Like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery) Updated and Revised - by Gail MarksJarvis
#12) She Retired Happily Ever After: How To Make Your Financial Dreams Come True - by Teresa Bear,Bonnie SwansonandJames Bear
#13) Bond Investing For Dummies, 2nd Edition (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)) - by Russell Wild
#14) The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in Its Place - by Hill Harper
#15) You -- According to Them: Uncovering the blind spots that impact your reputation and your career - by Sara Canaday
#16) The Entrepreneurial Instinct: How Everyone Has the Innate Ability to Start a Successful Small Business - by Monica Mehta
#17) Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient, and Effective Leader from the Inside Out - by Andrew Bryant and Ana Lucia Kazan
#18) Go Roth!: Your Guide to the Roth IRA and Other Roth Accounts - by Kaye A. Thomas
#19) How to Get Money for College: Financing Your Future Beyond Federal Aid 2013 - by Peterson's
#20) Fund Your Future: A Tax-Smart Savings Plan in Your 20s and 30s - by Ed Slott, Jared Trexler, John McCarty and Debbie Slott
#21) Islamic Finance For Dummies - by Dr. Faleel Jamaldeen
#22) Financial Planning For Your First Job: A Comprehensive Financial Planning Guide (4th Edition) - by Matthew Brandeburgand Burke Badenhop
#23) When I Retire: The Fastest, Easiest Way To Make Your Retirement Fun, Fulfilling, and Significant - by Andy Landis
#24) Consumer Credit, Debt and Investment in Europe - by James Devenney and Mel Kenny
#25) It's Rising Time!: What It Really Takes for the Reward of Financial Freedom - by Kim Kiyosaki and Joyce Bean
#26) Retiring: When Your 401(k) Fails (Volume 1) - by Dirk Cotton
#27) Winning Retirement: Proven Strategies to Make Your Money Last and to Win Over Wall Street, Health-Care & Big Government Spending - by Greg Taylor
#28) Ouch! - by Paul Knott
#29) Achieve Financial Freedom – Big Time!: Wealth-Building Secrets from Everyday Millionaires - by Sanford C. Botkin
#30) Money Management: Change your thoughts about money; live your dream life - by Antonella Mucciarone
#31) Retirement Planning in a New Direction: A Return To Common Sense - by Matthew J Dicken
#32) Business Etiquette: Keep your competitive edge and maintain successful business networks - by Patsy Rowe
#33) Simplified Will Kit: The Ultimate Guide to Making a Will (Simplified Will Kit (W/CD)) - by Daniel Sitarz
#34) Debt-Proof Your Christmas: Celebrating the Holidays without Breaking the Bank - by Mary Hunt
#35) Annuity Suitability: A handbook for anyone interested in using annuities as investment tools - by The Silver Lake Editors The Silver Lake Editors
#36) The Latina's Guide to Success in the Workplace - by Rose Castillo Guilbaultand Louis Nevaer
#37) The 6 Steps to Financial Freedom: How to Turn Your Debt into Wealth (Volume 1) - by Immanuel Ezekiel
#38) F* the Banks! The Zero-Bullshit Guide to Getting out of Debt - by Judson E. Crump
#39) Financial Trading and Investing - by John L. Teall
#40) How to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Retire Debt Free: Australian edition (Volume 1) - by Harj Gill
#41) How To Sue A Debt Collector - by J. Jacobs
#42) Life Happens - A Practical Guide to Personal Finance from College to Career: Workbook (Volume 1) - by Mr. Mitchell D. Weiss
#43) Money Help 101: Finding Solutions to Financial Emergencies - by Janet Hunt
#44) Property Magic: How to buy property using other people's time, money and experience - by Simon Zutshi
#45) The Retire Rich Private Plan: Take Back Control of Your Own Retirement Destiny and Retire Rich Legally - by Nosh Daruwalla
#46) Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price! - by Erica Glessing
#47) SOLD: Don't Go Poor and Miserable Being Sold Happiness (Volume 1) - by Glenn Sosa
#48) Sterling Fixed Income for the Private Investor (Harriman Finance) - by Mark Glowrey
#49) When All Else Fails....Create A New Credit File (Volume 1) - by Kevyn Jerome Nelson
#50) Couponing for the Busy Mom - by Katie Snyder


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