Are you ready for a Life Coach?

The answer is YES! The real challenge is most people do not have a strong enough self image to hire a coach. They simply hide behind the ”I can’t afford it” or the ”When I get successful, I'll hire a coach.”

That’s like a div 1 college saying when we win a football championship we will hire a coach. It does not make any sense and you know it. However this is the reason that 98% of Americans make less than $100,000 a year. It’s also the reason that most Americans are FAT and out of shape and it’s the reason that the divorce rate is so high. For some reason people have a mental block when it comes to seeking guidance or help in certain areas. People will uproot their family and move sometimes cross country to get their children in a school with a "winning program" and great coaching. People will spends thousands of dollars on flat screen T.V's, vacations and even online gambling instead of investing in Life Coaching that they know they need. If you want to change your life for the better then you need to change something.

Part of the block that we talked about stems from the fact that people want instant gratification. With a flat screen T.V. you get to enjoy it that night, vacation is something to look forward to and gambling, well that's about as instant as it gets.

With good Life Coaching you will get more gratification than you ever thought possible and in some cases it is instant. All my clients after they start coaching all say the same thing," Why didn't I hire you sooner, I could have been so much farther along." Look, ever Tiger Woods has a coach, in fact Tiger is a much better golfer than his coach. So why does he pay this guy if he can beat him any day of the week. Because Tiger knows you need someone in your corner who can see things that you can't. You are blind in your blind spots, even Tiger knows this. You need an extra set of eyes that can see things from a totally different perspective. Someone who is not wired like you and someone who does not have the same opinion on things.

So to wrap it up, yes you are ready and now is always the best time to get started. You can make an excuse or you can make a quality decision to move ahead. The choice is yours. John Wooden the legendary basketball coach said- “You have to choice to make in everything you say and do, but in the end my friend the choice you make ,makes you.”


Evan Money is the #1 Online Life Coach and founder of He is the author of the hit book Take Action Now: How to live your dreams in less than 3 weeks! As a Global Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Evan is a sought after speaker around the world. Evan personally coaches select entrepreneurs, elite athletes and celebrities. He and his family reside in majestic Rancho Palos Verdes, CA minutes from the new Trump national golf course. Evan and his bride have enjoyed a dynamic ma...

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