5 Ways Women Can Maximize Their Leadership Skills

Over the past 100 years, we have made a lot of progress on the side of gender equality. However, till this day, whether it be in the western world or not, it can be quite hard for women to be treated equal to their male peers. Women in positions of authority face even more trouble. Many women battle with not being taken seriously in the work environment. It can be difficult to even hold a conversation when your male peers don’t value your opinion because of the fact that you’re a woman. Unfortunately, in some environments it is not just the discriminatory behavior of the males but also that of the females that can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Here are 5 ways you can take control and maximize your leadership:

  1. 1. Whether you want to hear it or not, it is scientifically proven that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. Women tend to be better at problem solving and are intuitive and empathetic. More often than not, we shy away from expressing our opinions from the fear of being taken as sensitive. Or some try to fit in the mold of what we perceive to be masculinity (rudeness and anger) while expressing our opinions. It is important to know that calmness and empathy aren’t weaknesses. We must embrace our strengths, for not everyone has the ability to look at things from different point of views. The sooner you learn to use it to your advantage, the better off you’ll be.
  2. 2. Learn to say no. This may seem simple but it’s not. It can be hard to ask a colleague or your boss to stop calling you “honey’’ but it must be done. Allowing people, to call you with such nicknames does not benefit anyone and neither is it professional or appropriate. If you allow it to happen, it will continue to happen. Yes, it’ll be nerve-racking to answer someone with such sternness but it is necessary. It may take a while, but every time you say no, remember you’re one step closer to reducing the sexism in your environment.
  3. 3. Listen to what your female colleagues have to say too. In a work environment or at a party, don’t cut someone off but instead listen to what they have to say. Don’t let anyone else cut them off either. Sometimes it is better to listen than to speak and it will make your peers respect you even more. Knowing that they have a support, someone who’s paying attention to what they’re saying, empowering them to be better and stronger women will motivate them to do the same with other women including yourself. It’s the best way to create a support system for yourself.
  4. 4. Make sure the little girls around you know you have their back. Many girls have chosen “softer” fields because they do not want to be sitting in a class full of boys even if they are interested in the STEM field. Teach your girls that there is nothing wrong with having an interest in physics or computer science. And teach your boys that there is nothing wrong with wanting to become fashion designers or gynecologists. Don’t create a gap between the genders. Treat them equally, allow them to dream big. If you don’t create a difference between what girls do and what boys do, they won’t either.
  5. 5. The last but the most important. Understand leadership. Many of us are stuck on the idea that leadership means having total control over what’s happening. It’s not. You must be able to work with everyone, allowing them to blossom in their field of work not force them to do a task without any reason. While it’s good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while, you must learn to do it the right way. A little each time.
Be humble. Be friendly. If someone needs you, male or female, be there for them. Be a friend. Be true to who you are. Don’t let the sexism of the world ruin you. And before you point fingers at others, look at your faults too. Are you a little sexist too?


Women entrepreneur with a passion of helping startups, and help them manage busienss effectively, she is running her own beauty blog but she's has been contributing her fair share on effective business managemet and currently working with eWorldTrade.com as well.

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