Attitude Adjustment Time!

After reading a recent pragmatic article about how to handle this uncertain economy, I asked myself this question: In light of what we hear about falling stock prices and rising gas prices, what will we do internally to make the best of this time?

The truth is this: Who ever said we had to do it alone?

“It’s too big for one person to solve. It’s going to take all of us, working together,” says a Fast Company advertiser referring to the climate crisis. (May, 2008)

In fact, these words make sense in all arenas and the franchising world is no exception.

Recently I brought Guest Sales Expert, Britt Schroeter, onto a Closing Sales 2.0 Tele-Huddle. The topic was: ‘How to Talk with Franchise Prospects about the Economy’. I love the idea of bringing experts onto the calls because we assuredly create more impact together than alone.

And what we wound up talking about was ‘attitude’.

Look at these facts:

If we’re putting all of our purchase decisions aside until the economy strengthens, then how can we expect a prospect to purchase our business concept?

If we’re halting our travel because gas prices are high, then how can we expect a prospect to fly out to our D-Day?

In other words, let’s look within ourselves first…name our fears…and begin to face them.

We’ll then have a far easier time helping our prospects to name and overcome their own fears and thus, increase their ability to move forward.

Fast Company’s Editor, Robert Safian, reminds us that many of today’s most successful businesses were born in the cauldron of difficult times.

So where, he asks, is the opportunity looming today?

Let’s take some steps to figure this out:

Pick up a book on the topic of ‘fear’. Britt suggests: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Dr. Susan Jeffers.

-Do all that it takes to shake off your own negative thoughts (You know…that voice in your head that’s asking, ‘How can I sell anything in this economy?’)

-Plan for your own future with strength.

-Take a good look at your franchise concept.

-Name the ways that it can brighten the future...move our society forward…keep us grounded in tough times.

-Find specific examples of franchisees in your system that have had a banner year, despite the odds.

-Look at what they did right to make that happen.

-Pass on the good news to your prospects.

-And bring your prospect back to good, solid decision making…for the long term.

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Flo Schell, EdM, is Founder of the East Coast Woman's Salon and author of Wisdom of the 8 Bowls and Stop Selling Start Clicking (MP Press, 2006). Ms. Schell has been featured in Success magazine and The Wall Street Journal. She is the former Vice President of Franchise Development for Sylvan Learning Systems. For current offerings visit

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