Do Millionaires Shop at Thrift Stores? The Answer May Surprise You

When most people think of millionaires, they envision someone who lives in a fancy house and drives fancy cars. Interestingly enough, that is not usually the case. A great many millionaires live very conservative lifestyles and spend money very carefully. The answer to the question of, “Do millionaires shop at Thrift Stores?” is very possibly yes.

There are many millionaires who get that way by living a very conservative lifestyle and constantly saving a good portion of what they earn every year. They try to do things to save on expenditures including shopping in thrift stores to save money on clothing and furnishings.

The money they save on expenditures like clothing and furniture can be invested back into savings or a business venture. This is why a millionaire may be your neighbor or someone who otherwise doesn’t look like a fancy individual.

The one thing to note is that for the most part, most millionaires are self employed. They find they have the opportunity to earn substantially more money as a business owner and not as a wage earner. By living a conservative lifestyle, it allows the millionaire to have the money and resources to invest in opportunities as they arrive.

Keep in mind that the person you may see shopping in a thrift shop has the money to shop anywhere he/she desires. These people want to spend their money carefully and gain as much value from their purchases as possible.

This conservative lifestyle allows them to have the money they need to grow their business and have it available when it is needed.


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