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"Isnt the weather dreadful? Isnt it shocking? God it's a beautiful day" How many times have we heard and responded to statements like this? Well don't knock it as nine-tenths of people would not be able to start a conversation if the weather didn't change once in a while. Communication skills trainers define communication as the exchange of ideas and information through speech, writing and behaviour. Trainers in communication skills courses state that communication is an art in which you try to make your ideas understood because we all approach communication from our own styles and flexibility.

A useful tool that is used cosistently on communication skills courses is the communication quadrant. By using this you can figure out which communicater type you are, you can then learn how to communicate effectively to achieve your goals. For example;

  • If you are a concrete sequential communicator you are a Mr. or Mrs. Fix It. You prefer to start from the start and be logically organised. You have a tendency to think methodically however you do not adapt easily.
  • If you are an abstract sequential communicator you are Mr. or Mrs Utalitarian. You prefer a logical imoersonal analysis, its importatnt for you to have sound theory however you are less concerned with people as you prefer to just get to the point.
  • If you are a ..............communicator you are Mr. or Mrs. Free Thinker. You tend to rely on your own feelings for opinions, you find it easy to see from anothers point of view and you are a great brainstormer.
  • If you are a concrete random thinker you are Mr. or Mrs. Explorer. You use your intuition based on your own experiences, you will make desicsions based on finding solutions and you thrive on change.
Communication skills trainers point out that it is your goal to present informaion in a way that is preferred and easily understood for each of these different styles and also allows you to stay on the same wave lenghth.

This quadrant is a usefull tool to use on a communication skills training course as communication is an inclination for action so as an employee it is important to match and adapt to the various communication styles in order to achieve your goal.


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