Management Training for Effective Delegation

Through both management training courses and Time management training courses one of the key areas managers must learn is the effective art of delegation. Time management training courses teach us the importance of managing time through gaining more minutes or hours in your working day by becoming good at delegating. Whereas management training courses teach us the skills of delegating in order to develop staff.

Whatever the reason or delegating, whether it be to gain more control of your working day and manage your time better or whether it is to effectively manage your team the skills needed are the same.

Delegation does not mean doing nothing yourself and abdicating work, but it does mean managing time more effectively and managing your staff. On Time management training courses you often hear Manager say 'I haven't got time to delegate, or I am the only one that can do the task, or I don't really have anyone with the skills.

The truth is generally that they have not sat back and looked at how they could delegate.

Those who are successful at delegating and improve their time management skills are those that ask themselves the following questions:

Is there someone who can do any of the above tasks better than me?

Is there some one with training that I can develop to carry out the task?

Is there some one who may do it different than me and maybe not quite as good but still acceptable?

Other things to discover is not only your own time management but the cost of the task, in other words if there is some one paid less than you, who can carry out the task then it makes management sense to allow them to carry out the task.

The key steps to Time management through delegation are as follows:

Identify the task to delegate: Generally delegate the whole task if possible

Flag the idea to the individual: Choose some one who is willing and able

Sell the task: You may need to sell the benefits to the individual to carrying out the task in terms of their own development

Organise and control the task: Ensure the task is organised and you have also agreed feedback times and meetings to ensure the task has been carried out.

Management training courses will always teach you the control is vital, 'what gets checked gets done' but the real beauty of learning to delegate effectively is the additional time management skill you will have in your management armour to increase your own time and manage time effectively


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