Present the Butterflies in Formation

"Oh my god I am so sorry, I am shaking, I did not realise I would be this nervous, I am so sorry" this is what I have heard through a number of presentations and I often wonder why is this person drawing attention to the one thing that I am sure they do not want people to realise? It is known through presentation skills training courses that people tend to make this mistake but it is also known that the audience do not notice your hands shaking unless you are holding something. Through presentation skill training courses you will also find that the audience can not see your chest heaving or your or the fear you may be feeling inside.

I am positive it has happened to you on several occasions, we all feel it, you are waiting in anticipation to present and here come the butterflies however what you will find is that the fear that you feel before the presentation will greatly outweigh the fear you feel throughout the presentation as you realise those butterflies are flying in formation. The formation of these butterflies is a tool that is used in presentation skill training courses.

Let us just say that butterflies do exactly as they say on the tin, butter melts so will those butterflies. So give your audience the benefit of the doubt that they will support you, they will answer your questions and they will ask you questions, just remember to be yourself and use plenty of eye contact. Many people in presentation skills training courses say that smiling is the key to presenting as it lets the audience know that you are approachable whilst it also relaxes the muscles on your face, which consequently relaxes your body.

A well known tool in presentation skills training is to hold a questions and answer session after the presentation as this ensures your audience has received the essential information that you wanted to tell them. Presentation skill training courses will ensure that you no longer say "words mixed up are your not" so what it will be is "your words are not mixed up".


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