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There is nothing worse than sitting in on a presentation and feeling like your listening to Father Stone (from father Ted), boring, droll, tedious and tiresome, like something you can listen to at night instead of counting sheep. On presentation skills training courses one of the first things you are told is 'When delivering a presentation you are the most important visual aid', it is you that the eyes will be watching, it is you that the audience will be captivated by and it is you that needs to present confidently and boldly. We have all been to the presentations where the person has wrecked our heads, their pitch is up and down, their trailing off at the end of sentences, their speeding through to get it over and done with and quite frankly they look as though they may just collapse because they're out of breath.

You do feel sorry for the presenter but all you can think is "oh God I hope I am not like that!" well don't let yourself be like that learn to speak with ease, be energetic, and enthusiastic. This is what you want to see in a presentation to keep you intrigued so why not practice what you preach? Learn the secrets behind relaxing through presenting, pausing for effect and keeping the audience's attention by joining a presentation skill training course.

Have you ever been to a presentation when the presenter calls the women at the back of the room by name to ask her a question? Well this is because the presenter had initiated a conversation with the women before the seminar, consequently building up a rapport with that women and subsequently regaining the focus of the audience. Presentation skills training is much more than developing your presentation, it is about you, your vocal image and your pace and knowing that you do not need the big words to present effectively and successfully.


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