Quote: Taking African products where there’s no bias

While more established economies begin to focus on the revenue potential of emerging economies, many of those emerging economies are also seeing the benefits of selling to each other. Speaking about selling African products in foreign markets, the Ugandan Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) managing director, Mr. Henry Ngabirano, explains

Though our coffee is world class, we find problems marketing it in the more developed countries because they perceive all products from the third world as inferior … It’s only natural that Uganda focuses on markets in the Arab world, North Africa and Far East where consumers don’t have this bias.


G. Kofi Annan is a Ghanaian creative director and strategist (cultural trends, marketing, branding) who specializes in the emerging African market. He is the principal of Annansi LLC, a boutique consultancy which bridges the gap between the African market and the global community. Annansi LLC produces both Annansi Chronicles and Annansi Clothing Co., a premium streetwear apparel line. Kofi is an active board m...

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