Marketing Strategies - What Should a Banner Advertising Campaign Look Like?

Many network marketers, newbie and experienced, have yet to experience banner advertising as one of their marketing strategies. Once a banner advertising campaign has been placed, most ask themselves what it should look like. I took some figures from a recent banner advertising campaign to share with you and hope that they help you see what to expect. These are real numbers from a real campaign.

  • Campaign Type - CPA Banner
  • Status - Paused
  • Start Date - 8/20/2009
  • Clicks - 63
  • Impressions - 151,876
  • CTR - 0.041% (Click Through Rate)
  • CPM - $0.17 (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
  • CPA - $0.41 (Cost Per Action/Click)
  • My Max Bid - $0.60
  • Daily Budget - $25.00
  • Total Cost - $25.99
  • Cost per Conversion - $25.99/6 leads = $4.33/lead
I ended up spending $25.99 on this campaign. As you can see I received 63 clicks on my banner advertisements. All said and done, I ended up with six leads which meant that I spent around $4.33 on each lead.

If you are trying to something new and want to know what banner advertising campaigns should look like, the previous numbers are a good representation of what to expect. While some banner advertising campaigns run with better or worse results, I hope that I have helped you understand a bit more what to expect when using banner advertising as one of your marketing strategies.

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Gabriel Walton is President and CEO of Walton Marketing Enterprises. Gabriel is an expert in business growth and skills mastery for the generation-y audience. He has been training workers and business people since 2002. His leadership skills and training experience have often made him the "go-to" guy for educational purposes and public speaking events. He has written many publications for online resources utilized for education on business and personal life structuring. He works and resides in n...

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