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Working from home is usually an exciting idea to most. The thought of going to work by sitting at the computer in a robe and slippers while sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee really is enticing. After starting a home based business, though, many people lose their motivation and focus. They may have a great marketing plan and amazing products, but they just don't seem to get going. As entrepreneurs running a home based business, one of the easiest ways to get focused in the morning is to dress for success. So, you have got a schedule set and your day planner is in your hands (well one because the other is holding your coffee) and you are ready to start the day. Great! As you sit there in your robe and slippers, things seem to get a little too comfy, too relaxed. You think, "Hey, I'm at home" and feelings of taking a day off wash over you. Sound familiar? Soon you realize that the day is gone and you have a lot of work to do to catch up.

What could you have done to dissuade the call to sabbatical? The answer to this is pretty simple. Treat your business like a job, and not in the sense that you don't want to go. I only suggest this because unless your job is to model bath robes and slippers or glorious cups of coffee, the first thing we do before going to work is get dressed in our business attire.

A baker wears an apron, a mailman wears a uniform and a nurse wears scrubs, Get the picture? They all have two things in common. They provide a service and they dress for the job they are to perform.

Now it is not demanded that you work in a three piece suit and tie if you work out of your home office, but you must try to remember that your business needs a professional at the helm. This writer and entrepreneur prefers a business casual style. Sports coat, dress shirt and jeans Is usually enough to kick start my work load accomplishments because I could never keep my schedule when I was not dressed the part.

As entrepreneurs, we are enticed by the idea of working in a bathrobe and slippers. Remember; wear the right uniform for the job. If the baker, the mailman and the nurse can do it, so can you. If you seem to lose your focus or motivation while working from home in your bathrobe, change it up, change your clothes and dress for success.

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Gabriel Walton is President and CEO of Walton Marketing Enterprises. Gabriel is an expert in business growth and skills mastery for the generation-y audience. He has been training workers and business people since 2002. His leadership skills and training experience have often made him the "go-to" guy for educational purposes and public speaking events. He has written many publications for online resources utilized for education on business and personal life structuring. He works and resides in n...

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